Alternate installer

  9 years ago

I'd love to see a text-based alternate installer for LMint.
it's going to be very handy for some people.
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larmi 7 years ago

yes! i installed xubuntu today to All-in-one PC and i had huge problems with it.
only choice was to install with alternative and use tasksel finish install.
now everything seems to work like touch screen and etc..
it is must to have alternative install in future because some All-in-one PC requires it.

greg84pl 7 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen, please look on this subject

HATRED 8 years ago

Thanks Oscar :)

oscar799 8 years ago

I'm marking software inclusion requests as "Considered" and forwarding them to Clem

shortyvonloehne 8 years ago

Some people have the misforture of using old Dell desktops, which will fail out or otherwise behave erratically with the graphical installer.

I want to use Mint, but I have no way of installing it right now..

cyclooctane 8 years ago

Using the Debian "alternate" installer could be a method for introducing LVM and encryption support.

blueXrider 8 years ago

deferentially not for the novice

killermist 8 years ago

The Debian and Ubuntu "Alternate" installer (which I suspect of being very similar, if not the same thing) provide more raw access to the installation nuts and bolts I kind of need access to during the install process.

The console installer doesn't even need to be a default. For many, the ubiquity installer is good enough. It just isn't a good fit for me.

Accessing the console installer via a boot option or menu item would sufficiently keep it out of the way that it wouldn't confuse the many that don't need/want that level of control during install.

SimonTS 8 years ago

I think this is a great idea - after all the issues with Mint 10 and the dreaded BSOD.
I understand that Mint tries to be as user friendly as possible, but adding this as an option wouldn't stop that from being the case for most users and would allow certain people the ability to carry out a more customised install than they currently can, thus avoiding a lot of work post-install.

passstab 9 years ago

yes i do and i like it (i have arch on a laptop)
but mint targets people who are scared of that kind of thing
OK I'll promote for Debian edition

HATRED 9 years ago

Excuse me but do you even know what a text installation is?
It has a lot of advantages.

passstab 9 years ago

if the GUI doesn't work i don't think mint is for you

orionthehunter 9 years ago

I'm assuming they're avoiding this to skirt giving new users too many choices. All about smart defaults and such.

Xyie 9 years ago

...especially for the lighter-weight versions of Mint. Might try this with Fluxbox if it's using a Debian base.