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  11 years ago

I would like to see a memory function on the calculator. In fact, I often wish calculators had 2 memories instead of just one. The first calculator I ever had came with 2 memories.
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Reljoy 7 years ago

The calculator that comes with Mint 16 Petra is mate-calc 1.6.0.
You can use copy and paste - thus it has 1 memory.
I want to have a calcuator that has at least 2 memories.
I often want this when I am using a calculator.

Reljoy 11 years ago

gcalctool 5.32.0 which installed with Mint10 must be different to what Xyie has because it does not have a View menu, it has a Mode menu. In Advanced it does not have a Sto button etc.

I like galculator

Xyie 11 years ago

The gcalctool calculator tool already has a "memory function," just select View > Advanced and look for the button called "Sto" for "Store," the button "Rcl" for "Recall," and "Exch" for "Exchange."

Alexio 11 years ago

@Reljoy - You can install extcalc from the repositories and use this scientific graphic calculator.

dagon 11 years ago

The default calcultor is gcalctool and it's better to report this as a bug "upstream" with gnome.