info dialog about new created idea

  11 years ago

i think is needed a better information dialog that says that the new idea is posted successful, and/or display this new idea .

is needed because are some problems with these new ideas. if i write one, and post, it is not clear if everything is ok and the idea is posted.
it happens that the same idea is posted several times because it is not displayed always in category 'My Ideas'
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RayWoods 9 years ago

Since this idea was instigated the layout of the initial Idea page has been changed and there is a list of latest ideas, in which you should find your idea. Job done (I hope).

New > Implemented

dawgdoc 11 years ago

The first day the Alpha was out I double/triple posted because I couldn't tell if the idea was retained. Of course I was able to delete the redundant posts once they showed up.