add 'alert about changes' button to ideas

  11 years ago

if are new comments , or the status of the idea is changed, for example from 'new' to 'approved',

in 'My Ideas' or in a new, till now not implemented 'Favorite ideas' tab , will appear that idea with a special mark that differents that from other favorite ideas that are not changed.

for knowing how and when are changed the ideas .
also useful a small info, that says if are new comments, or status is changed.
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kazztan0325 10 years ago

It seems there are some ideas which are already implemented or are rejected more than one time or duplicate with (an)other one(s).
But their Status are still 'New'.

I think the Moderators are too busy to manage many ideas, but I hope the ideas would be managed as soon as possible.

clem 11 years ago

Subscribe button is there exactly for that.

justin 11 years ago

Ideas can already be followed by utilizing the Subscribe button, per idea. It provides notification when someone else adds a comment.

baffle-boy 11 years ago

i already have a few ideas im watching, unfortunately i had to add them to my bookmarks to check every once in a while

Hammeh 11 years ago

^+1 Agreed with above.

Rovanion 11 years ago

And along with that the user should be able to chose to get these notification in 6, 12hourly our daily compilations.