New Column 'Status' in 'Ideas' and 'My Ideas' pages

  9 years ago

a new column named 'Status' after column 'Title' in 'My ideas'
and 'Ideas' pages

which says if the idea has the 'new' / 'considered' / 'approved' / 'rejected' / 'implemented' status

or implementing small pictures/icons (sorry, can't find the best term in English) showing curent status of an idea

for better viewing of the status of personal ideas
Latest comments
dagon 8 years ago

Sounds easy enough to implement and the vote is clearly in favour.


DJCrashdummy 8 years ago

a analog implementation for tutorials would be very nice!

blueXrider 8 years ago

I think this is an important issue and should be looked at by the Mint Development Team for it's merit.

VICTOR360 9 years ago

Great Idea!

dawgdoc 10 years ago

Mydyter has good ideas

Rovanion 10 years ago