[mintInstall] search within categories

  9 years ago

Sometimes, I find myself trying to narrow down my search results in the Software Manager by first going to the category and then preforming a search. However, this does nothing for narrowing the search results. For example, if I try to search for the chromium-bsu package (a game) by using a partial name search like "chromium", my first result is not the game but the chromium-browser package, even if I first navigate to the games category.

I suggest some method of allowing a user to search within the current category. (And/or the current search results.) Perhaps a check mark next to the search box to "search within current results" or "search within current category." Perhaps some additional search box within the category, or a checkbox therein.

This improvement will help users find software more easily in the Software Manager, and remove some potential confusion, like in my example where someone might be confused as to why a browser popped up in what seemingly was the games section. However, I'm not sure that having the search feature always searching within the current results would be a good default action, as this would require some needless repetition to preform a new search. This might be best left as a manual option for the user, rather than an automatic setting.
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trollboy 9 years ago

Forwarded for consideration

New -> Considered

Xyie 9 years ago

Ubuntu Software Center seems to have this functionality already. When searching, it defaults to searching within the current category, then if not finding anything, offers to search in a broader category. We might be able to pull this feature into mintInstall.

blueXrider 10 years ago

I have better success with the search box on the mintmenu.

RayWoods 10 years ago

Yes! I too have found this to be a frustrating aspect of using the search function and anything that improves this issue gets my vote.