Use the Universal Subtitles for videos about Linux Mint

  11 years ago

This idea is about promoting Linux Mint using videos and tutorials with subtitles in many languages.

Using the Universal Subtitles it is now possible to make subtitles, translations, and captions for almost any video. We can easily caption and translate videos about Linux Mint, with help from the viewers, to "increase video views by reaching global audiences and being accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing".

Universal Subtitles is free, open-source, and non-profit.

A good solution to group together all the Linux Mint related videos available on the Internet is to create a basic Miro Community site, which is free for everyone.

More information can be found at the Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) website, about open-source video tools for a better world, for the shared culture we’re all creating together.
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Alexio 10 years ago

@dagon - Thank you!

dagon 10 years ago

Ok. I forward this for consideration. There are other video oriented ideas considered also.

new -> considered

Alexio 10 years ago

The Linux Mint Community Videos website now features 500 videos, which is the limit for the free account. Most videos are selected and embedded from YouTube and Vimeo.

If there is interest in making this videos website an official one, with more than one admin, a paid plan should be used for this website.

With a paid plan ($15 or $35 or $75/month), the 500 videos limit can be increased (to 1000, or 5000 and up to 25000 videos) and there could be more than one administrator (unlimited administrator accounts), custom domain (like or something similar), custom CSS, logo & background (for a better design, there is an option for fully custom templating).

This way, it would be possible to include the Universal Subtitles functionality for the community videos website.

To promote Linux Mint, I also created a Linux Mint Community Blog on the Tumblr microblogging platform.

For both websites, on the bottom of the screen, you can find a customised Wibya toolbar with the most relevant sources of information for the community. You should click the "YouTube videos" and "Photos" (from Flickr) buttons to see a 3D presentation of the available community content, presented in real time. Also, there are some other useful buttons that a Linux Mint user may find useful and/or interesting.

dagon 10 years ago

Hi Alexio!

What's the status of this idea?
You went ahead and started a micro community around the videos so is there anything new you want to add here?

blueXrider 11 years ago

If WE are going to utilize any form of video or tutorials then yes it should be in universal subtitles. Agreed

Alexio 11 years ago

Some anonymous votes without comments are not very useful, IMHO. Sometimes I have the feeling that some users are demoting my ideas and tutorials without a good reason.

An option to see who demoted an idea would be useful. The user who submitted the idea or the tutorial should know who are the community users that voted. This would encourage the exchange of ideas and the usage of private messaging that is available for the registered community users.

passstab 11 years ago

why are people demoting this?