a lighter based debian linux mint

  12 years ago

There are older pcs out there and it would be a great idea to have lightweight mint debian.

Clem has released xfce debian RC but it has more gnome apps like gnome display manager (gdm3), brasero, etc.

I hope if many people would like this idea maybe and just maybe the powers that be would really make a truly lightweight debian ver. of linux mint. Who knows maybe google OS has the right idea? then again no one can predict the future.

Then again my idea may just remain that.. an idea.
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kerykeion 10 years ago

Might be interesting to have a "lite" version.

oscar799 10 years ago

Time has passed - an Xfce version of LMDE is available in 32bit and 64bit
Mint doesn't have sufficient developer resources to create more versions at this time.
Therefore I am marking this idea "Rejected"

passstab 12 years ago

ok why no blog post on that?
does that mean no more xub edition?

aljoriz 12 years ago

its under the linuxmint.com site under project tab then mirrors select any mirror and click on the testing directory, look for xfce debian 64bit or 32bit

passstab 12 years ago

"Clem has released xfce Debian RC" he did? where?
fluxbox will be switched to Debian