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 lmde netinstall

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

36 votes

i'm proposing netinstall for lmde (and alternate de's) only
because lmde is rolling there are (i assume) more updates for it

no reason it couldn't be just as easy as a normal install
the only difference would be the packages come from the server instead of cd and no live environment

also both this and the normal CD could be released less often
allowing for more focus on the flagship


if you are voting against this idea please clarify why in the comments
(assuming your point hasn't been made)


3 years ago

I totally agree this idea would be great!  
5 years ago

This must be considered if Linux Mint is to become a viable alternative in the enterprise. The only thing preventing our company from mass-deploying Linux Mint installations is the very fact that netboot/PXEboot and deployment with Kickstart/Puppet is a non-trivial affair.

We came quite far wrt. using the standard Ubuntu installer to install Linux Mint, but the mirrors need to be adjusted as the installer fails during initial package download (despite detecting/parsing the correct release, nadia in this case, and downloading the Packages file from the mirror).

So at least this should be made to work as an alternative solution. It would be nice to have a proper Mint netboot image as well, but I don't see a problem using an Ubuntu-provided one as long as it does the job.
6 years ago

I like this idea myself, but I felt that it would not be possible due to the extra workload involved. I wasn't sure though so I contacted Clem and asked him - and he says no, so sorry passstab, but there is not point in pursuing this further.  
6 years ago

I think would be better if in the installer you could be find an option like in the debian installer where choose what do you want install  
6 years ago

It's an interesting idea. It would use, we will perform a fresh installation.  
6 years ago

Well, Debian Testing has updated ISOs and netinstall options. So, unless Mint is constrained by resources (manpower, funds, servers etc.), this idea is certainly worth trying...

If ISOs are updated and older ISOs (perhaps more than 2 releases older) are removed from the list of available downloads, chances of breaking after installing from a really old ISO are lessened...
6 years ago

Thank you for your quotation from Mint Blog.

I also recognize that Mint Team develops LMDE for advanced users.
But if Mint Team aims to provide "a ready-to-use, easy-out-of-the-box desktop for advanced users", then that is "LMDE ISO and its Update Packs", I think.

If the going way to provide Update Packs would get on track, it is possible both of our ideas would be rejected...

6 years ago


Although it’s using Romeo for unstable packages, LMDE continuously changes as it receives updates and new software. Compared to a frozen version of Linux Mint which changes very little once it’s publicly released, it’s not as stable. Things are likely to break more often but fixes can also come quicker. For this reason, LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux, dpkg and APT.
Debian is a less user-friendly/desktop-ready base than Ubuntu. Expect some rough edges.
6 years ago

an argument for both of our ideas

"Easier to maintain

We’ve been struggling with releasing editions in time. Too often, we’ve seen Linux Mint release its main edition and the Xfce desktop edition, among others, lagging behind and being released far too late in the release cycle. The switch to a rolling package base simplify things tremendously, both for the project and for the users.

Users do not rely on new releases to keep their system up to date, they can do so themselves with a continuous flow of updates.

Bringing the edition to a new release doesn’t involve re-basing it as it did before. It’s now a simple matter of updating the ISO and releasing a snapshot. Similar to LMDE (which will eventually be renamed “Linux Mint Gnome”), this edition will support both 32-bit and 64-bit within a loose release cycle. All Debian-based editions will be released at the same time either to keep up with new features coming in the frozen editions (i.e. Mint 11, Mint 12..), to feature LMDE specific improvements or simply as a snapshot update to their live ISO images."
6 years ago

if they haven't
i have trouble seeing it's purpose
(it is a LITTLE lighter but I don't think it truly justifies it's existence)

what's wrong with discussing?
6 years ago

I would like to ask Dev Team, "Has Mint Team abandoned Mint's philosophy about LMDE?"

Anyway, let us wait Moderator's decision.

6 years ago

that is mint's philosophy
but ware does lmde fit in?
i think it's for testers and advanced users who don't need something that conforms to the philosophy as strictly
6 years ago


I also think your idea would be better for Dev Team to decrease their work than mine "LMDE Monthly Build ISO Image".

But Mint's philosophy is to provide a ready-to-use, easy-out-of-the-box desktop as @zerozero said below, then your idea is contrary to Mint's philosophy.

Anyway the last decision "to be considered or to be rejected" would be passed by Moderators, not by us.

6 years ago


there probably wouldn't be proprietary drivers
i think most people have access to a wired connection and for those for whom it is a issue the normal disc will still be an option

if one is using lmde then one has already abandoned the mint philosophy to some extent and probably isn't terrified of this (it COULD even be gui)
6 years ago

"no reason it couldn't be just as easy as a normal install"
- it isn't. have you tried a debian netinstall? the installer doesn't support wpa protocol (so if like me you are confined to wireless that's a no-go)

- this would mean, probably, write a new installer, but how would do you get proprietary driver support in there? i'm thinking specially about broadcom. or would you leave all this people out?

- Mint's philosophy is to provide a ready-to-use, easy-out-of-the-box desktop, how do you achieve this with a netinstall?
6 years ago

i edited it a lot since @remoulder 's comment
it was rude to him
and i would like to offer him a humble apology
6 years ago

Why isn't this an idea? It's an idea and with score 13 out of 18 votes in four months a rather popular one.  
6 years ago

I've started a thread (i still hold that it's a legitimate idea)
7 years ago

This is not an idea and should be posted on the forums  

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