Better back up tool

  8 years ago

Presently the back up tool provided with linux mint 10,doesn't do an incremental back-up. I'm thinking in terms of writing a GUI for rsync.
Should also be able to schedule a back-up.unutu's sbackup is really nice.
Also tars the contents.
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viking777 7 years ago

lucky backup - in the repos - works very well.

blueXrider 8 years ago

Works for me

DJCrashdummy 8 years ago

well... the backup-tool DejaDup uses duplicity as backend and this uses code of rsync!
it's a really good and simple backup-tool (with incremental and periodic backups, encryption, local-/remote-/cloud-backup)! so i install it for every newbie and i don't really need mintbackup!

i think we, the mint-developers or you don't have to reinvent the wheel!
maybe extend the GUI of DejaDup for the ability to backup and restore the package-list and it would be the perfect backup-tool for Linux Mint!