Linux Mint Logo Briefing for those working on graphics

  10 years ago

I am an avid Linux Mint user and have been since LM4. I can unfortunately not contribute much in the way of code as I'm at least a bit, if not a byte, past learning that, being in my seventh decade.

Nevertheless, even if a bit late, (Sorry, I'm in Japan and everything was uncertain for a while), I'd like to submit my two pence worth of input to the logo discussion, whereby I am no graphic artist, simply an older guy who used to be in marketing and with a few ideas that may help to create an even better Linux Mint logo. Here my ideas I believe would be good to include in the brief for the artist.

All logo suggestions, including the current one, ignore one point I believe is important: the direction the logo shows. The single sharp point, like an arrow or graph should show a graphically positive direction which – in our predominantly western cultural graphical perception of positive – is generally with the point upward and to the right.

This is documented in many company logos, especially in the financial sector that takes such things extremely seriously.
Deutsche Bank Germany. A square with a '/' slash inside it. The history and development of their logo can be viewed online. The reasoning is compelling.
In short, the reasoning for the choice is as follows:
The Logo fulfills all aspects of the quality criteria required for a good brand:
With a simple yet striking form, the symbol has a high attention-provoking and recognition value.
The logo supports the identity of Deutsche Bank:
– the “slash” stands for consistent growth and dynamic development
– the square-shaped frame can be interpreted as a sign of security and a controlled environment.
In summary, the logo square stands for consistent growth in a secured environment.
It is striking and unmistakable as well as timeless and thus free of any fashionable accent.
It can be applied almost without restrictions and can be implemented in all media.
The logo can be clearly recognised when reduced in size and at great distances.
Zurich Financial Services logo uses the strong diagonal in the Z to suggest upward growth.
The insurance company AXA also has a go at “redefining standards” with the recent addition of a red stripe from bottom left to top right to accentuate the A and X forward leaning direction.
The list goes on...

Finally, I do like the idea of a mint leaf though, in my opinion, it should be an abstract depiction to ensure graphic timelessness and again the sharp point should show upward and to the right, and not a drooping suggestion to the bottom right!
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grouchy 9 years ago

Something like the logo posted in idea 1406? (although it's an idea for a laptop sticker)

oscar799 9 years ago

I am marking this idea "Considered"

blueXrider 10 years ago

A very thought out interpretation for the graphical rendering process of the logo. I must agree in the logo is representing more than a Mint Leaf affixed to a solid background.

Very prominent depiction as the mint leaf should point upward and to the right standing for growth. I envision that.

Thanks for sharing.