Autocreation of hyperlinks in comments/ideas

  9 years ago

Hyperlinks that the users paste/type in the inputfield of should when shown to other users be shown as hyperlinks, not just plain text. Thus allowing the user to simply click the link instead of having to copy and paste the link into the adressbar of their browser.
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quake0 7 years ago

Agree with this.

dagon 8 years ago

Some support for this would be appreciated!

blueXrider 8 years ago

an simple editor would be nice

Laan 9 years ago

Yeah!, tottally agree!!!, its a pain the copy paste of all the links on the ideas people post.

Hammeh 10 years ago

Yeah - I agree. Some BBcode would be nice, however I'm guessing that would require a change in the coding of the input field.