Imagine a nice green Linux Mint minimalist logo on the back of a laptop (similar to apple logo on iMacs)

  10 years ago

What the title says. More wishful thinking than an idea as such.
A laptop like that would be so incredibly sexy :p
How can we do that?

PS. By minimalist logo I was thinking something along the lines of jernau's linux mint graphite logo, i.e. this (click), rather than the current LM one, which isn't really laptop logo material :)

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dagon 9 years ago

"Perhaps there should be a shop for Linux Mint goodies?"
I think so. People are actually willing to pay for the logos. Pay to do commercial for the product. That's something to embrace!

RayWoods 9 years ago

Stickers for sale? At least then there will be conformity. Perhaps there should be a shop for Linux Mint goodies?

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blueXrider 10 years ago

I rather care about what's on the inside of my laptop.

pfjap-paco 10 years ago


passstab 10 years ago

this is two abstract

Ioseph 10 years ago

If the sell it I would buy.

RobinJ 10 years ago

It would be a kinda nice idea to sell things like a sticker for your laptop, or a replacement for your (stinky) Windows/Super key.

M_onkeyman 10 years ago

I like this one:

Jac978 10 years ago


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mikefreeman 10 years ago

It would have to be a sticker (unless Clem is planning on going into laptop case manufacturing), which might not look all that nice. That said, make a good bumper sticker for LM, and it could be used for your car or your laptop (if that's the look you're going for).

It could also produce a little bit of income. T-Shirts and mugs would be fun, too. A whole line of LM-themed products. I'd buy the whole lot of them if I can afford it, but I don't know if Clem's into the merchandise selling gig.

tpapastylianou 10 years ago

PS. This logo has my vote as an official Linux Mint logo btw.