a gnome 3 release tailor made to linuxmint

  11 years ago

Linuxmint community should try for a gnome 3 desktop or netbook edition wich will make it jump ahead of all the other run-of-the-mill distros and put it on the bleeding edge.
And isn't LMDE the first of other steps to push the bleeding edge.
LM has always been a cut above and gnome 3 seems to be a good platform for furthering that idea.

gnome-shell and gnome 3 does not require compiz. using compiz on top of gnome-shell and the mutter window manager will spike CPU usage throw the roof and cause the display to freeze up. Speaking from experience. try one of the live cds available on the gnome 3 website or wait for fedora 15 to see the leaps ahead taken. thanks to the new Theme selector and the tweak-tool now available in the last couple of weeks only a few other issues persist with gnome 3. It is VERY usable and different in the way that it is friendly both for touch, mouse AND keyboard based window management which neither of the other desktops have been able to blend without deviating from their conventions.
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RayWoods 10 years ago

As the Linux Mint Development Team are up to their necks with Cinnamon and MATE, plus the up coming Linux Mint 13 LTS I think we can call this one a done deal.

New > Implemented

blueXrider 11 years ago

When the smoke clears we'll see what remains.

dice 11 years ago

The main reason I've chosen mint is because it has normal panel and normal gnome-2 look. It doesn't matter weather it's gnome-2 or gnome-3 under the hood as long as proper look persists throughout releases.

Fabulous185 11 years ago

Yes,i have tried Fedora 15 and did not like it.
My desktop is not a smart phone as said before

Hope that Fedora's users stick with Fedora 14
Pure Gnome but nothing offered out-of-the-box

Unusable to work with Unity and Gnome 3 Shell

For the rest i agree with trollboy (but not for
XFCE only) - agree with Ray Woods and fbest opinions.
Well done guys!

fbest 11 years ago

I have tried Gnome 3 shell on Fedora 15. Do not like it! My desk top is not a smart phone. Give me my Mint Menu and let me customize the desktop to suit my needs. Cairo Dock and Mint Menu are all I need. I think that Gnome 3 is trying too hard and and being too cute by far!

RayWoods 11 years ago

As Gnome 3 is a moving target and is still very much under active development, judging by the update to this idea, it is best that Linux Mint waits for the dust to settle before shipping it as standard on the Main Edition. After all, there is nothing stopping someone developing a version of Linux Mint with Gnome 3 for the Adventurous. In fact, there are plenty of distribution for the experts and adventurous Linux users out there so Linux Mint Main Edition can be left alone to do what it is best at; being a stable easy to use distribution for everybody.

I'm still not convinced Gnome 3 provides a better way of working.

aia832003 11 years ago

My hope is that Mint will release a variant flavor running Gnome 3 Shell. The Gnome 3 environment is intuitive once you discover all the keys and shortcuts(currently running over Ubuntu 11.04). It's refreshing to see a Linux GUI that is not just totally borrowing from OSX or Windows. I understand that KDE has its followers due to customization, but it is very Vista, standard Gnome is XP, and Unity to me is just a spin on OSX. Mint has the opportunity to embrace Gnome 3 and integrate all the great Mint tools to make a really new Linux experience. I'm not asking for complete rewrite of the main release, but to have maybe another variant or, even better, the LMDE take this route

RayWoods 11 years ago

@cpatrick08 no one is stopping you from trying Gnome 3, you can install it yourself on top of Linux Mint 11 but, please allow (what appears to be the majority) to stay with the flexibility of Gnome 2.

I don't know if the Gnome Foundation did any research before designing Gnome 3 but the consultants obviously didn't ask any Gnome users for their thoughts. Then, consultants normally only tell you what you want to know, (I don't have a very good opinion of business consultants by the way!).

cpatrick08 11 years ago

great idea dont know why people hate gnome3 and the gnome-shell

trollboy 11 years ago

I have tried Gnome 3 for about a week and found that it's unusable for real work.

It is clunky and gets in the way of a good work flow.
It doesn't work with dual monitors.
It doesn't have a desktop.
It removes my choice of how I want it configured which may be OK for Mac users but is not going to be OK with Linux users.

It seems that they did usability studies purely so they could avoid including any usability; even by accident. Sadly, Unity is not much better.

I would go so far as to suggest that should the choice become Gnome 3 or No Gnome then drop the Gnome version altogether.

Gnome is dead. Long live XFCE

mikefreeman 11 years ago

I've tried Unity and Gnome-shell. For me, both are terrible. I liked Gnome 2 because I enjoy being able to configure the desktop to fit my preferred work flow. With Gnome-Shell, I have to configure my work flow around the desktop. No thanks. That just gets in the way and prevents me from working efficiently. I might as well be using Windows.

Now, a Gnome 3 base with a forked (aka continually improving rather than stagnant) Gnome 2 panel might be ok, depending on what they did to Gnome 3. If Gnome 3 is at all less configurable than Gnome 2, it is definitely a step in the wrong direction, no matter what their "research" tells them.

passstab 11 years ago

i have been lead to beleave both gnome shell and unity are not quite ready
and i think it would be better at this point to wait let them mature and see what people think

Gecko 11 years ago

I have tried both Fedora 15 with Gnome 3 and Ubuntu with Unity. Both were a bit challenging for a Gnome 2 user due to work habits. I found Gnome 3 unusable for real work as it didn't have a proper desktop. Unity was much better for work and not as challenging since it has desktops on the virtual workspaces. Unity also allowed one to switch back and forth between it and Gnome 2, called "Classic Gnome." For now I am staying with LM 10-Debian with Gnome 2 and LM 10 KDE as backup. If Gnome 2 is dropped in the future it might be updated as a fork.

RayWoods 11 years ago

Please don't get me wrong. Gnome 3 works very well and efficiently (from an engineering stand point) but, the way it works is not for me. Like @wanda I much prefer the Linux Mint/Gnome 2 desktop (although I always modify even that!!).

French 11 years ago

On a test PC with Ubuntu Natty., Gnome3/Gnome-shell installed instead of Unity/Compiz, works very nice and also a better CPU usage thanks to Mutter window management.

Integrate Gnome3/Gnome-Shell into Katya, I almost would say go for it

wanda 11 years ago

I find that the current Gnome desktop, (a modified Linux Mint version), works well for me and I'm not sure I want to "Live in Exciting Times". If it aint broke don't fix it .

RayWoods 11 years ago

I have now tried the Fedora implementation of the Gnome 3 desktop and I wasn't impressed. Instead of helping improve the efficiency of my use of my computer it just got in the way. I really do believe the Gnome 3 developers are going to have to go back to the drawing board, find out how people use their computers and implement something else. As things stand, I don't think they are anywhere close to what is needed.

AkkerDK 11 years ago

I totally agree about this. I haven't tried Gnome3/gnome-shell yet, only Unity, and I find myself growing to it very fast.
As I understand it, gnome-shell and Unity is from a user perspective very much alike (correct me if I'm wrong).
I'm confident that the Linux Mint crew could make a totally awesome (even more than now) bleeding edge distro, with a Debian based Linux Mint with gnome-shell

RayWoods 11 years ago

Personally I've only heard of a few reports on Gnome 3 and have yet to try it. From what I have heard there are some very mixed reviews of this "exciting" new desktop so I wonder if it is best to wait a bit for it to develop.

I find that the current Gnome desktop, (a modified Linux Mint version), works well for me and I'm not sure I want to "Live in Exciting Times". If it aint broke don't fix it so, I think I will try a SUSE or Fedora Live edition with Gnome 3 first.