Hardware Info screen

  11 years ago

On the "add hardware" page when it asks for you to enter the type you have various items like "Dell...." and such. "Desktop" is not part of the selection. I would propose cleaning that up. Small issue but something I've noticed.
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oscar799 10 years ago

Tidying up the hardware database is underway - but it is a huge job
Marked "Implemented"

blueXrider 11 years ago

It needs to be streamlined and redefined, a lot of redundancy

Ioseph 11 years ago

Was trying to suggest cleaning up that menu. If you look it shows tons of specific items (Dell Inspirion 6100, HP 310.... ect) instead of actual types. (Desktop, Laptop, Camera, Printer... ect)

remoulder 11 years ago

Desktop computer is already in that list.