Collect desktop usage patterns in a similar way to Firefox Test Pilot

  11 years ago

Firefox is doing some serious usage pattern collection and analysis to help improve their GUI look and feel.

Perhaps Mint could have a background program aimed at finding, based on "real life" of users with their computers, which way desktop layout could be improved.

Example: if most users install new software via software center vs synaptic, if most users maximize their windows or not (or tile them), the proportion of program launches done via icons or shortcuts placed in many possible places (favorites menu, general menu, desktop shortcut, quicklaunch shortcut, Alt+F2, etc.).

Of course, the user should agree with this testing first, and there is an inherent developing and analysis cost, but I think this is the single best way to really improve desktop layout for the future, specially after Ubuntu has started doing "disign for designers" with Unity (and since soon Mint will be the most popular distro around, according to DistroWatch rankings).
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ElHaj 10 years ago

NO, definitely not
Mint is becoming more popular for being simple and useful.
Linux in general is popular for not having things that run behind your back.

RayWoods 10 years ago

With the introduction of new desktop environments, if possible, this sounds like an idea that could be of great benefit to the Mint Community and upstream too.

New > Considered

blueXrider 11 years ago

I would suspect Mint is going to relay on how many downloads they have per day as a measurement for their distribution.

Feedback from it's users as what they need or expect.

Reviews for or against for their areas of improvement.

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