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  10 years ago

When I was with Ubuntu, I did not know what I wanted to do to help the Community, so I helped out by advising on subjects to newbies about things I had knowledge of and how I got around them. I also bought clothing (like in TUX), but also bought mugs, pens, mouse-mats etc with Ubuntu or sigils on them - Linux Mint could do the same and since I have moved over to Linux Mint rather than stay with Ubuntu (I like the Debian factor in LinuxMint as well) since it takes a different way of presenting itself to the world. I Love Gnome and I can't get on with Unity or some of the other changes that have happened in Ubuntu, although I have a 4-core Phenom Processor (3.xxGb) plus 8gb of ram and a large-ish hard drive (750gb) plus a 2Tb exterior drive, I can do a lot with my PC. I have two other machines that I use to ecxperiment with other Distros, though I could use the Virtual facilities on my main System.

The main Idea is if you aren't sure how to help Linux Mint then show the world what you use on your computer by clothing on your back, or when you drink your coffee, and when you cycle, swim, or at your leisure - Advertising puts the idea of trying something out you haven't done before - and that surely helps in getting more people involved with Linux Mint and stops the frustration of viruses and software from the big 'M' in Silicon Valley that fail even though you've paid mega-bucks for the priviledge!
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linuxfanatik 9 years ago

I think therefore I am - some Greek guy said that first, but the thought stands out five thousand years later! I will continue to think up ideas (like the visual Watermark) for a central memembership idea, it just takes longer as I have many pokers in the fire of my mind! ;-)

oscar799 9 years ago

Polo shirts available here
This idea is,at least partly,"Implemented"

linuxfanatik 9 years ago

I bought a couple of Polo-shirts with the Linux Mint logo embroidered on it - it wears well and is more substantial than the T-shirts sold By the Ubuntu Store. There's also a firm that sells Linux Mint Stickers but at 45p plus post from Italy that's got to be expensive for one sticker! I subscribe to Linux Format which always has good write-ups about Linux Mint and sometimes they send a sheet of transfers (which include Linux Mint Stickers) for free and that's a plus for me since my Microsoft seal on my PC is now covered up by a Linux Mint sticker :-D ! I have a spare sticker which I will put on my New Laptop when I get it next month - Yay! :-) Linuxfanatik

blueXrider 10 years ago

I also suggest the forums since it has a larger following

psyckers 10 years ago

Thats my thinking also Linuxfanatik. Especially now when Apple is pushing their propreitory and forever more restrictive software on even younger kids. You know the other day I heard that some pre schools are giving their kids i-pads to do things. There is no sense of teaching them anything then, they will grow up asuming software companies will give them the instant fix they want, with no need to learn anything.

linuxfanatik 10 years ago

Psyckers niecewould be an investment for Linux mint. I started computing with Unix, then Suse 6.1, then 8.2 professional - but my life was half over when I found Ubuntu - children have a head-start on us old 'uns and can maybe lead the world back towards the open systems that are now taking hold. Linuxfanatik

psyckers 10 years ago

I am thinking maybe a Linux Mint onesie for my new niece. Start them young I say, plus it will go well with her plush Tux toy.

remoulder 10 years ago

Personal opinions should be posted on the forums