artistic competition in every Linux Mint cycle

  9 years ago

I think if there's a artistic competition in every Linux Mint cycle it will give Linux Mint more beautifull in background image,the splash screen, and desktop windows and icon. everyone can send them artistic-work in some website and everyone can give poin, it will motivate people to make more unique and creative work. the winner's work will shown in the next rolling cycle. better competition will bring better creative-work,so a better desktop can be realized.
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RayWoods 8 years ago

This idea has merit and a specific competition could well increase interest in Linux Mint.

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blueXrider 9 years ago

Submit your ideas here

psyckers 9 years ago

I think Mint is a beautiful distribution anyway but yeah this a pretty cool idea. As long as we do not do the varying shades of brown like Ubuntu.

Az4x4 9 years ago

As a life long graphic artist whose interest in and commitment to Linux Mint is also longstanding, the idea of an "artistic competition" in which the various elements that highlight Mint's distinctive attributes are open to new interpretations is something I see as worth considering. As Haluan suggests, doing so provides reason to submit "unique and creative work." Submissions judged by Mint users at large would produce an increased sense of involvement at every level, benefiting the entire Mint community.