List of alternative softwares in 'Software manager'

  10 years ago

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Idea: One line of altenative softwares for the package summary in 'software manager' would help users a lot to find best softwares for them.

Problem: Categorization and package summary and description are good systems and helpful to find best softwares for users but it is imperfect in some cases. For example, according to, avant-window-navigator (AWN), docky, and cairo-dock are mutually alternative softwares. However, Software manager > Categories > System tools have only docky but not the other two. In package summary, docky and cairo-dock use the term of 'dock' but AWN use 'panel'. Only 'even slower' search for package description with term of 'dock' return all of three softwares. Therefore, users can miss possible best softwares for them.

Solution: Specifically, users can add alternative softwares. Then, other users thumb up when they agree if the suggested software are a real alternative software; otherwise, thumb down. Resulting alternative softwares can be listed in the decresing order of thumb up/down score like current rating system for softwares.

With the active paricipation of user community, the list of alternative softwares would significantly decrease the chance to miss possbile best softwares for individual users. We, LinuxMint user community, has already experienced to help each other to find best softwares by 'rating' softwares and I believe that we can suggest alternative softwares well, too.

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lib2know 5 years ago

Hi trollboy, thanks for link to the earlier idea.
Since this one is worked out in detail I promote both ;-)

trollboy 9 years ago

Rejecting as this is a duplicate of an already approved idea (link)

New -> Rejected

blueXrider 10 years ago

BTW that web site is 404. Might want to check spelling....

blueXrider 10 years ago

The software manager isn't perfect. It's a good idea to improve it by listing alternatives.

remoulder 10 years ago

This looks like another advertisement for the site mentioned.

That said there is something to be said for the suggestion of alternatives, though I don't agree with your proposal on how it could be done in software manager.