Include a link to the forums on the Community Tab

  10 years ago

There have been several posts on the ideas page here lately where the poster has been asking support questions or making a statement rather than the post being an idea. It seems that some users may be confusing this page for the mint forums, so I am suggesting that a new link be added to the Community tab on this site which redirects to the mint forums website. This link could be called Support or Forums perhaps.
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3dBloke 7 years ago

I'm one of those people who have played with Linux over the years and, having discovered Mint, are finally being enticed away from Windows. I'm a fairly infrequent participant in online forums, but know my way around the UI well enough.

All the same, when landing on the Mint Community pages it's easy to feel this is an alternative to the forums. An explicit link, along the lines suggested by @remoulder, would be a good way to clarify things.

dagon 9 years ago

new -> considered

lingford 10 years ago

Point taken. I am guilty of doing this as I am new to the Linux Mint Community and was confused about the ideas page. I will be posting my questions to in the future.

remoulder 10 years ago

I don't particularly agree that the layout here is better or that this is itself a forum in that specific sense. The forums is laid out in the traditional newsgroup or email way and imo is more suited to a discussion, the page here is more akin to a bulletin board. The suggestion to integrate the forums has been suggested before but I think rejected. I'm sure Clem and the team are already considering the best way forward as mint's popularity and number of users increases.

RayWoods 10 years ago

Could it also be that (in my opinion) the interface on the Ideas pages is better than those used in the Forums? Hence people prefer to use this Ideas forum. Here, in the Idea/Tutorial pages you have the original message close to where the comments are inserted then, just below, with the latest comment at the top, there are any previous comments. If, in the forums case, the voting buttons are removed, it could be possible to see the original message, your comment (as you compose it) and the latest previous comments, all on the same screen. (Well all except Netbook Letterbox screens!!) Perhaps the Forums should be redesigned and integrated into the Community site?