Undertake an urgent review of Mint 11 and Mint's future

  10 years ago

A good number of users have had problems with Mint 11. My own installation of the stable release was off the computer within hours after problems with Compiz, (yes, I know it is noted in the release notes). The lack of connection to an NTP server and the elements that allow you to control Pulse Audio. On other channels there is a lot of steam being built up with other frustrations that Users have found.

There are work arounds for some the above but is it Newbie friendly?

I think it would do no favours to the Community to leave it wallowing, dead in the water and it should be withdrawn until a solution can be applied. In fact, I think it would do the Mint Team's name a lot of good to do this. After all, Clem said he would only release once it is ready.

I think most of these problems are as of a result of Upstream activity and generally outside of the direct control of the Mint Team. However, I know it would be messy, but couldn't earlier and more stable editions of some software be substituted and then have Mint 11.1 released? Perhaps we should also extend the testing and the team for future final releases? (I'm certainly up for it.)

What do you think?
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blueXrider 10 years ago

It is still plagued with issues. The biggest thing that people tell me is the lack of a boot screen. They don't like looking at a black screen.

No movement, nothing. People are visual creatures so they like their system to "do something".

I centrally hope the direction which Mint is heading is one that I would want to follow. I would much rather have a late distro release than one that is broken.

Microsoft's mentally is throw the distro out there even if it's broken. We'll fix the issues with a Service Pack later. WE don't really want that to happen to Mint now do we?

RayWoods 10 years ago

For some reason I have noticed, since Mint 9, each release has suffered from upstream problems. Normally after about a month or so the majority of these problems are cleared out and most people can then install with confidence. I really do hope that Mint 11 will follow this trend.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is for the first month or so the new release should be treated as an advanced Beta and not for general use.

mikefreeman 10 years ago

@victors: Do you use Compiz with Emerald on proprietary graphics drivers? That's the biggest issue that I've seen on my system. Compiz becomes extremely unstable and jerky, and takes up a lot more CPU time than the older version did. It drastically slows down the whole system. Also, it doesn't work with the version of Emerald (which requires Compiz) that's in the repos. And when I've tried the newer GIT version of Emerald, it runs, but crashes constantly. Dropping everything back to the Maverick version of Compiz/Emerald solves all the problems.

I've also had to remove PulseAudio completely, because it causes crackling on my system, where it didn't in Maverick. It also doesn't play well with WINE, but that's always been the case. ALSA alone is much better.

These sorts of problems should never make it into a release, and that's what the OP is talking about.

Steampunk-Nick 10 years ago

"wallowing, dead in the water" seems a little melodramatic.

victors 10 years ago

I had absolutely no problems with Mint 11 release and frankly have no idea what OP is mentioning as I have not experienced any of the problems mentioned whatsoever (apart for my printing issues but that's an inherent issue with all Debian-based systems).

The machine I use is 64-bit Dell Vostro, just an ordinary machine and all of Mint 11's features work exceptionally well.

RayWoods 10 years ago

Ah then, we will have to differ as this is an idea that includes the thought to extend testing before a final release to everybody who wants it.

I personally believe that a lot of damage can be caused to the good name of Linux Mint by premature release like this one and it is my idea that it should be temporarily withdrawn.

remoulder 10 years ago

This is an area for ideas. Your post is not an idea it is a comment, the forums are the place to post these and have general discussions.

RayWoods 10 years ago

@remoulder, Then why have a comment field like this then?

remoulder 10 years ago

Discussions should be made on the forums

mikefreeman 10 years ago

I do think Ubuntu's got some explaining to do, tho!

mikefreeman 10 years ago

Compiz: Check my comments in both the Katya Release blog post, as well as my submitted Idea on regression of Compiz back to 0.8.6 for the best workaround I've found for this. Yeah, not exactly newbie friendly, but not hard, either.

NTP: Not sure what you mean by this. I've got an NTP connection, as far as I can tell. Just have to make sure that the NTP package is installed, just like past versions of Linux Mint.

PulseAudio: You can simply install the missing packages, if you indeed need them.

Yes, I agree that these would be better by default than having to reconfigure things. It really wouldn't be hard to add these into Mint. Just add the Compiz packages into the Mint repos, and have those as well as the PulseAudio and NTP packages dependencies of the Mint metapackages, add in appropriate configurations, and it should be set.

Now, that said, they must have had their reasons to not include these packages, which I am not aware of. And, after the workarounds are applied, things work fairly well. I don't think this is a showstopper by any means and doesn't need a major review. Just a bump in the road caused by outside influences.