A new screenshot strategy.

  11 years ago
  Under dev. review

Instead of making a separate effort to collect screenshots here, because that hasn't worked particularly well so far (only some ~2% of the packages), I think a better strategy is this:

1. Make the mint collection of screenshots default but when no picture is present...

2. Grab screenshot from http://screenshots.debian.net/
Which has a much bigger collection.

That should be a simple fix in the Software Manager code.

I think it's unfortunate to spread out efforts on different sites.
Personally I've stopped uploading my screenshots to this site since they aren't to my knowledge used by the rest of the linux community whereas screenshots.debian.net are used by both debian and ubuntu and probably a lot of other distros.

(edit! I don't mean to be provocative, but sure understand if someone gets annoyed by this. I still encourage people to post pictures here. I only happen to do so many of them that it became unpractical to post on two locations.)
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trollboy 10 years ago

Forwarding for consideration

New -> Considered

dagon 10 years ago

today: 2011-11-28

3198 packages with screenshots (+68)

573 packages with screenshots (+4)

dagon 10 years ago

today: 2011-10-26

3130 packages with screenshots (+130)

569 packages with screenshots (+8)

dagon 10 years ago

today: 2011-08-26

3000 packages with screenshots

561 packages with screenshots

Algorithm is as follows:

if there is a linuxmint screenshot
then by golly, print it on the screen!
elif Is there a debian screenshot?
show it!
show "no screenshot available" message.

dagon 11 years ago

Yes, I know it's a job. I actually did hundreds of them. But the point is it's better to focus the energy on one place than working on parallel solutions. This way you get some five times the number of screenshots in an instant. It is because it's a big undertaking you need to think of strategies like the one I'm proposing here.
This idea basically is for mintinstall users in the first place. If you use synaptic your allready there. As an example I made the "fotowall" screenshot. Cute puppies and all. If you use synaptic you will find it by clicking "Get Screenshot". In mintinstall you will get the "No screenshot available" sign.
There are a lot of distros. If all opt for their own screenshot strategy then you will end up just doing a lot of the same work over and over again. I don't want to do screenshots that are done allready.

blueXrider 11 years ago

It's a job.
Currently the packages number 31268 and the screenshots at http://screenshots.debian.net/ number 3760.

A big gap to fill don't ya think.