Software Manager: reordering selected applications for installation sequence

  8 years ago

Having selected several applications for installation, it would be nice if one could move applications up or down the list at Ongoing Actions to modify priority of download and installation.
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blueXrider 8 years ago

SamHoratio 8 years ago

I usually install all the featured software in Software Manager, so I just queue them all from top to bottom; but later I realise that I need Vuze to be installed first so I could use the time at hand to set it up and start a torrent or two. In other words, I'm saying I should be able to change my mind about what I want fist and next.
I'm aware that this is not function that everybody would jump on but if you install applications quite often and your bandwidth is low, what comes in first does really matter.

Xyie 8 years ago

Given that the software manager puts things into its queue of ongoing actions based on how you enter them in (one at a time) I'm not sure how useful this is. I do see your point though. I suppose the question is how that queue is made...that is, if reordering them is even possible (whether the queue is in the software manager or apt, i suppose.)

What's an example where you would prefer some particular software installed before an other, and why does this matter?

SamHoratio 8 years ago

When I first install Mint, I go to Software Manager and install applications by category. However, I would like to have some particular software installed before the others.