Quick select ISO from side panel

  11 years ago

I think it would be a lot better if the Mint variants would be displayed in a side panel as names and variants, so people can quickly select their desired ISO and download it.

I'm thinking about a few SELECTs on all pages:

- Version [Helena, Gloria, Felicia, Elyssa]
- Edition [main, universal, x64, KDE CE, Fluxbox CE]
- Source [torrent, HTTP]
- Mirror [Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania]

This is just a sample text. You can actually see the HTML file I attached in the following post:


I would like this because I don't download Mint for myself only but also when I'm elsewhere than home/office. The select would be great, I think.
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RayWoods 9 years ago

I'm going to reject this one because one of the points you select, after which edition you are going to download, is the site from where you are going to download from. (I assume most people select the nearest mirror to them). Sorry.

New > Rejected

blueXrider 9 years ago

look HERE

kneekoo 11 years ago

A summary of information about the chosen distro would be very nice indeed. I'm thinking about basic information, like:

kernel: 2.6.x
Xorg: 1.7.x
Gnome: 2.x

Salut! :) Sarbatori fericite! :)

Mdyter 11 years ago

I agree with you. In this way, things become simpler, more practical and faster
I think it should be displayed related information about each edition, to be more clearly distinguish between editions, for example between Main and Universal Edition

P.S. Salutare frate)