Add WebMoney as a payment method for donation and sponsoring

  10 years ago

WebMoney - the largest network cash payment system in the ex-USSR. Most users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and some other countries use exactly this system of payments.

The reason for the propagation of WebMoney (in addition to exceptional convenience and miserly commission) - very inconvenient or unrealistically high commission when net-using PayPal, Western Union, Visa, Mastercard in these countries.

In my opinion, the next couple of years will experience rapid growth in popularity of Mint in those countries. And despite the low level of life in these countries are people already willing to financially support the Mint. Main barrier - big payment inconvenience or pay huge commissions.

IMHO, the best solution to this problem - support WebMoney. This is the most appropriate way to pay for most of the 300 million people in these countries.

More info about WebMoney on this offsite:

(Sorry for my bad English)
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aprilland 9 years ago

That's a nice idea! People who live in the former USSR countries can pay for Skype and donate to Wikipedia via Webmoney. Why not create a possibility to donate to the Linix Mint project? PayPal is awful in the countries mentioned above.

oscar799 9 years ago

I think this would need looking at very carefully - I am marking it "Considered"

blueXrider 10 years ago

I think this is an important issue and should be looked at by the Mint Development Team for it's merit.