Scalable icons for Mint-X-Dark Theme

  8 years ago

We need scalable status icons for Mint-X-Dark theme too. Status icons look very ugly when using the Dark theme.
Only the Mint-X theme has scalable icons...
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kazztan0325 8 years ago

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Thank you for giving us a workaround.
I hope @Lewdsquirrel would log back in as soon as possible.

Anakondarh 8 years ago

I too see what you mean. For now, my workaround is as follows:

As root, go to /usr/share/icons and you will see the Mint-X and Mint-X-Dark folders. In the Mint-X-Dark folders, go into status and 24, make a folder called backup and move into it the following icons: audio-volume-high, audio-volume-low, audio-volume-medium, audio-volume-muted and audio-volume-off. Then, go back and into the Mint-X folder, then status and scalable. Copy from here the same icons, and paste them back in Mint-X-Dark/status/24. Then, go into Preferences/Appearance in the Main Menu, select your theme and "Customize", change to another icon set and then change back to Mint-X-Dark. Now the icons should load nicely in the tray, and also the volume "popup". Since I have only seen this problem with those icons (for some reason, the brightness one was always ok), and since they happen to be the same color in X and X-Dark, this should be a good workaround until we have some proper scalable icons.

I wrote all this from memory so hope there is no typos! I'm also doing it on LMDE, so although the paths should be the same, they might not... Experiment!

kazztan0325 8 years ago


I saw screenshots which you posted on Forum, and confirmed the phenomenon which you are annoyed with.

Unfortunately, my LMDE (Virtual Machine) has gone a few days ago, and Compiz didn't work on my LMDE from the beginning.
So I have no way to experiment the phenomenon be reproduced or not.

I'm sorry but I couldn't help you.

Lewdsquirrel 8 years ago

I just posted some screenshots here:

With Compiz on, every time you change the sound level or brightness, a huge status icon appears at the center of the screen. As Mint-X-Dark doesn't have scalable icons, the basic icons are just magnified, that's why they appear pixelated and ugly.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

Sorry for my misunderstanding.
But I tried as you said..., Only NotifyOSD just appeared, besides nothing happened.
What is STATUS icons?..., Sorry for my lack of knowledge.

Lewdsquirrel 8 years ago

I'm talking about STATUS icons: Turn Compiz on, then try to adjust the sound level or brightness, and you'll see what I mean...
Of course the icons in the panel are ok.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

I tried to apply Mint-X-Dark theme on my desktop, but they don't seem ugly...

Isn't your panel's color light, is it?

Mint-X-Dark icon theme is what should be used on dark panel.
I would recommend you to change your panel's color be dark.