12 years ago
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It would be very useful if we could atach an image to our ideas, this way, they'd be graphically explained and they would be easier to understand.
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Keithw 1 year ago

Sorry if this has already been suggested: I find I am using Warpinator often, and would like to be able to upload files to it from one computer, for retrieval from another computer at a later time - is this possible?. Thinking of working from home, then collecting files later when at work.

dandv 2 years ago

Doesn't this work already? Here's an idea with an image in it -

crhylove 2 years ago

This is the most obvious and helpful idea ever. Submitted 10 years ago. Unbelievable that they just release Mint 20 without fixing this very basic functionality.

earthmoon 2 years ago

I don't know if it fits here but I had a wonder and I really would know what others think.
It's a crazy Idea that I had but if people would join, commit themselves to it, maybe would be fun and useful.

So what is the idea.
What if, Linux users develope a virtual emulator (of a hypothetical based on real components) of a robot.
The first task would be develop a robot that can win the Robot cup.
So the first task should do a Keeper and players robots and also one coach to verify the game and do Improvements on the players.
All the code would be free and could be shared.
With the target to apply in a real robot.

Seeing in a larger scale if people really interested themselves in these, and if they have friends in other fields we could be this task very interesting.
Could be also applied in physics, to improve motion and also mechanics or designers to design the Robot sape.

it's crazy idea because the only thing that the code be under Linux would be the emulator, that could be upgraded on the components used.
(if people would like could be interesting, also in the communication system, they could use Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to communicate between them).

I though on Robot Cup, because would be the focus in one objective and seriously the Robot Cups that I saw they were laughable, with no precision on the strikes, and lost in the field waiting a chance to foot the ball in a random direction. If there's any other interest that people like more, than that, I thought also, if people just want to make a human robot face, because if you notice that humans have a really interesting expression to any circumstance. We smile when we are happy, we make a thousand different faces as long as we make an effort... and etc etc

Alexio 6 years ago

Just use and post a link to the saved XML file that can be edited by other community members.

LinuxDude101 6 years ago

Super idea!

wilkgr76 6 years ago

Come on, we can do it! Let's aim for 1500 votes!!

jetmint 6 years ago

6 years later... Are we there yet?

JesperE 6 years ago

Pictures are powerful tools for explaining, it should be well worth the security risks, since they should be manageable with size constraints and anti virus software. It is quite possible to avoid them all together by implementing an online drawing software such as eg literallycanvas in the forum (although this might put people of if they can't use their favourite graphics application) and only accept pictures from there. Or minimize them by only allowing frames with the actual content on other sites such as tumblr or youtube. Just me brainstorming here...

a52dragon 7 years ago

Image and video simulation. CONSIDER IT AN ACCESSIBILITY TOOL.
Temple Grandin is an autistic with a PHD. In one of her books she speculates that 20 to 30 percent of the population thinks in images not words. I know that Linux purest are all about coding and the terminal and can understand and appreciate the passion. From what I have read and experienced about the Mint community is there desire to make things work well. While this is not my idea I could see this development accelerate the expansion of the Mint community. Any of you in the community I believe would embrace her desire to fine a simple and humane approach to solving what had been seen as unsolvable issues.

Thank you Creators

Sir_Douglas 7 years ago

Users should be able to block graphics content so the risk would be optional.

mideal 7 years ago

Security risk?
Why shouldn't the server be able to run a file consistancy or even a virus check?
Any links (e.g. those from tiny.url) or qr codes posted somewhere are more dangerous.

shoemake 7 years ago

the security risk is too high. any imaginable payload can be stuffed into an image file.

AkaProfessorM 7 years ago

In a world seemingly obsessed with visual stymulii this is a no brainer!

eyedat 7 years ago

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LarryAT 7 years ago

Allow more than one uploaded attachment.
Really, it could be any kind of attachment: Video, Sound file, script/program [but, running in a sandbox ... how to avoid malware promulgation?]

Jon-Wilob 7 years ago

One picture worth a thousand words!

CristianSW 7 years ago

Realy good idea!!!

Anthony78110 7 years ago

Really good idea !

andrey81 7 years ago

Good idea!