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  9 years ago

The top ideas on the home page, will ideas eventually drop off after a certain time or will they be there until another idea overtakes it? Possibly could be "Top Ideas This Week/Month" otherwise it could end up getting full of redundant or implemented ideas.
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RayWoods 7 years ago

Changes have been made to the layout of the Idea section of the Community site, may be not exactly as this idea suggest but the detail of the information has been changed. For this reason I'm going to mark this Idea as Implemented.

sunewbie 7 years ago

I just realize that every six months a new version is released. I think 3 months should be more than enough to consider an idea. Ideas 1 year old are coined considering the issues at the time.

After 2 versions, things might change. Still the idea remains new and we keep promoting.

Please think about this.

sunewbie 7 years ago

I agree with @compuman2004 and @blueXrider

Even ideas one year old are considered new. I would be satisfied even if they are marked rejected. Atleast mods are having a look at them. I do not expect them to read each and ever idea, but atleast when they are 3 months old.

Sometimes I feel a communication gap between users and developers. KI know, many of them are working voluntarily and I really appreciate their effort. As @blueXrider has said - just an observation.

Even rejected ideas are listed under Most popular ideas

Single Account for Everything

blueXrider 8 years ago

I question whether or not the ideas are being looked at by the moderators.

A lot of good ideas, such as this, are still in "NEW" status. What is the progression of the community?

Not to offend ANYONE. Just an observation.

Steampunk-Nick 8 years ago

great idea

punkrtekk 8 years ago

Yeah, ideas about the Linux Mint is probably the most important part of this website, so I think it should be promoted - it might involve more people into commenting/voting, which means more reliable feedback to developers from community.

orionthehunter 8 years ago

pragmatic, beneficial, I'm all for it.

CBindahouse 8 years ago

Top ideas of the week / month is a great idea!

g-bouris 8 years ago

Maybe a mechanism of 3 queues: pending, rejected and implemented ideas...

crhylove 8 years ago

I disagree about removing rejected ideas. That's the same as censorship. However, removing implemented ideas is a very good idea, obviously. :)

andreylosev 8 years ago

There should be a system to remove rejected/implemented ideas, or we could use something proprietary like uservoice or getsatisfaction.

Ki3rk3gaard 8 years ago

a synthesis of beefsu and sxflares ideas would further propel us down the MINTY dialectic .

tanmays 8 years ago

Top ideas this week/month will be a great idea.

kneekoo 9 years ago

This would be interesting indeed. It would raise the chances to notice other good ideas because as it is right now we get about the same top every time.

SxFlare 9 years ago

I'd rather something similar to the inflation rate of weighing votes, like older votes (say maybe a week) would hold lesser weight than something placed today. That could add an option to refresh the vote each week (not automatically, that's silly).
A similar theory comes into play for businesses, when they try to work out the value of the dollar from today compared to 6 months into the future according to inflation. Where the further into the future it is, the less the dollar would be worth.
Of course, in terms of votes, it'd look backwards instead of forwards in time.

So, even if you can't be bothered to vote every week (or month, etc) at least your vote still counts, although not as significantly.

EDIT: to correct my wording, so it's less confusing