Simple but Complete Guide Inside and During the Installation Process

  10 years ago

we noticed that in every new release of Mint the installation interface for the partitioning part is changed. What if a Linux newbie came to download and install one? Let's think of a situation wherein he doesn't know about the Xchat support room? What if he has other OS on his system?(as most of new linux users are :D) Hope you'll get what I point out.

Here's what I want to suggest. Mint must have an "installation guide BUTTON" inside or linked when clicked during the most critical part of the installation- the partitioning. If this will be included, a newbie will have a no sweat and must feel for an ease during his first linux mint installation.

To simplify: Mint must have an Installation Guide for Newbie. A simple, easy to understand and complete manual.
I hope you would respect my idea. Thank you.
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fuLLcoLLapse 10 years ago

I suggest this because I think for those new to linux who chose mint. Wouldn't it be delightful if a newbie has just installed a stranger OS for him/her with no sweat? :D

Alright, installing from a live CD/USB is already a blessing, but how about those who are just first time or never experienced a dual boot os installation? wouldn't it be so exciting and interesting if the installation has a guide out-of-the-box for the process of partitioning part?

Longlive Linx Mint !

Gurman 10 years ago

> Recommended reading before attempting an install.
However, most questions are being raised it during(!) the installation. In most cases, a second computer (for reading manual) is not present.

blueXrider 10 years ago

Currently the Official User Guide is available in 15 languages

Recommended reading before attempting an install.

nearbeat 10 years ago

This was the first hurdle I had to deal with when I started using Linux and extra help with partitioning for newbies doing a first instillation would be a good thing.

tayss 10 years ago

why not choose a partition software with simple interface? there is already an idea for using gparted. add some options i.e. checkboxes for dual install, updated install even new to linux and where to install it. just keep it simple and let it install automatically. you shouldn't have to go into advanced options just for install. also the manual will be ignored mostly.