Show 'Difficulty Level' on each Tutorial

  11 years ago

It would be better if 'Difficulty Level' be shown on each Tutorial.

[0] = (Suitable for All users or No concern with users skill)
[1] = (for Beginners)
[2] = (for Intermediate users)
[3] = (for Advanced users)

The 'Difficulty Level' also be shown in the table of Tutorials.

| Score | Votes | Comments | Title | Level |

The table would be able to extract stated level or be able to sort by Level.

So we would be able to search Tutorials as to our skill.

# Edited on 5 jul. 2011

Classification of Difficulty Level:
[1][2][3] --> [0][1][2][3]
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kazztan0325 10 years ago

I think it would be better if there were some text boxes to state the target audience and additional information on the "New Tutorial" page like below:

Please describe your tutorial:

Title: [ (text box) ]

Tags: [ (text box) ]

Target audience: (choose one)
[(radio button)] Suitable for All users or No concern with users skill
[(radio button)] Beginners
[(radio button)] Intermediate users
[(radio button)] Advanced users

Additional information: (needed knowledge etc.)
[ (text box) ]

kazztan0325 10 years ago

Thank you for your comments and support!
I'm so sorry for my toooooo delayed reply.
I should have noticed your comments 10 months(!) ago...

kazztan0325 11 years ago

Yes, you are right.
Let me scratch the part which refer to Moderators, please.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Based on what you purpose "the moderators" are going to have another job ahead of them. They don't have the time to review, test or rate them. Otherwise, they would be doing the same for "Ideas".

The community may provide feedback as to the tutorial itself, take it to the people let them decide.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

My plan is...
The author determine the difficulty of tutorial by himself/herself at first.
Then, when Moderators do Official Review, if there are any tutorials which are proper to be changed the indication of difficulty level, Moderators will change it.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Ok so how is it determined as to the Difficulty? By whom? The author or the user?

Might want to take this question to the forums for discussion.

kazztan0325 11 years ago


I also think that basically Tutorials should be written for Beginners.
But, Tutorials for Intermediate users or Advanced users also should be allowed to post, I think.

Actually many Tutorials have already been at Tutorials module, and their 'Difficulty Level' are various.

So I think it is need to show 'Difficulty Level' on each Tutorial.

blueXrider 11 years ago

how about tutorials written as though a novice would use them. keep it simple