XChat language translation - XChat traducción de lenguajes en tiempo real

  11 years ago

A unique and universal language for all Example: If my language is Spanish and I have comments from a user that their language is English or Danish, the software will transform the comments into my language (Spanish) in real time. any responses to this would be answered and understood. I think many Linux users would rise to this system.

Un lenguaje único y universal para todos Ejemplo: Si mi idioma es el español y tengo comentarios de un usuario que su idioma es el Inglés o el danés, el software va a transformar los comentarios a mi idioma (español) en tiempo real. cualquier respuesta a esta sería contestada y comprendido. Creo que muchos usuarios de Linux se elevaría a este sistema.
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oscar799 10 years ago

This would be best discussed with the XChat developers as it is not something for Mint developers
There was a plugin for XChat that did most of this,but it is no longer available (I am an IRC channel operator and know how useful it was to be able to translate quickly)
I am marking this idea as "Rejected"

pradeepk 11 years ago

Yeah it would be totally awesome.

Jac978 11 years ago

I am agree with blueXrider this idea is great, but the Mint team is not the developer of XChat. Other hand I wish that this idea become real soon.

incesante 11 years ago

It might be possible if there were some sort of on duty translators... but that would affect privacy as they would have to read what people are chatting about.

blueXrider 11 years ago

It would be cool. However, developers of Mint are not the same as the producers of applications. Possibly the marriage of Google-translation and X-chat?

I would recommend taking it to the Forums.

Good luck