Switch Compiz ON/OFF easily with mintDesktop for MATE

  10 years ago

It would be nice if MATE users could switch Compiz ON/OFF with Desktop Settings (mintDesktop) like below.

In this connection, I hope the feature switching Compiz ON/OFF would be built in @blueXrider 's idea "Post Installation Configuration", and if any user want to switch Compiz ON/OFF later, he/she would be able to do it easily with this new feature in Desktop Settings.

I think this feature would be very useful for Linux beginners.

# EDIT on 08 Jul. 2011, 02:35 AM, UTC
Deleted "'Compiz Fusion Icon' is not installed by default, and"
(accepted @SeventhReign 's suggestion)

# EDIT on 21 Jul. 2011, 10:55 AM, UTC
Replaced "Use Compiz" with "Use Desktop-Effects (Compiz)" on screen-shot
(accepted @DJCrashdummy 's suggestion)

# EDIT on 01 Jun. 2012, 04:35 AM, UTC
Rewrote idea itself for MATE

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kazztan0325 10 years ago

Thank you @vincentv for your consideration.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Maybe another idea or direction would be to modify the "Compiz Fusion Icon" to include "Compiz on/off" that way it could remain on the panel verses having to go Menu> Desktop Settings> Compiz> use desktop effects?

Adding a small script to the config file might be the ticket.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

I finished editing and replacing the Screen-shot now.
Thanks again for your suggestion!

kazztan0325 11 years ago

Thank you for your very beneficial advice!!
I would like to edit the screen-shot by this few days.

DJCrashdummy 11 years ago

yes, i also miss the Compiz-Settings Manager!!!

but for newbies it would be better to "explain" what Compiz is!
--> maybe just change the line to "Use Desktop-Effects (Compiz)"!?

kazztan0325 11 years ago

Yes, I agree with you.
It is not only be helpful for new users but also be beneficial in the promotion of Mint.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

Thank you for your information.

I think, it is easy for experienced Linux users to make the most of ability of 'Compiz Fusion Icon' or 'DisPlex', but it is not easy for Linux newbies.

I hope this additional item in Desktop Settings would be helpful for newbies.

blueXrider 11 years ago

Until we get some sort of a configuration wizard. I dealt with Compiz.
I took control of my desktop with DisPlex.

This works well and calls the CompizConfig Settings Manager without issue. http://sourceforge.net/projects/displex/

Might want to give that a whirl.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

Sorry for my misunderstanding.
but it doesn't run at system start up by default, does it?
Anyway, now I removed the part which you pointed out to me.
Thank you.

SeventhReign 11 years ago

Compiz Fusion Icon is installed by default in Mint 11.