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 mintMenu: Automatically highlight first seach result

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

28 votes

Like the title sais: We'd like the first search result in mintMenu to automatically be highlighted so it will execute when we press enter. It's the natural state of singularity for menu's and searchboxes. See Gnome-shell, Ubuntu Unity, Windows Startmenu and typing in Nautilus.

I know similarity exists here:

But one is two ideas, the other is about opening the highlighted item on enter-press but that already happens. How can people vote up when the idea sounds like a stub, right?

The Gnome-Do suggestions given elsewhere are irrelevant, we're talking about improving the mintMenu, not replacing it.

I don't see a sane reason why this would be a bad thing, so if you demote this idea, please share your reason with us.


6 years ago

x2 for mate  
7 years ago

I'd love to see this in MATE...  
7 years ago

@remoulder: I am typing this message from the international space station and we all agree that this idea is not rejected.

(Assuming we trust each other enough not to provide sources)
7 years ago


There are some similar ideas which their Status are still 'New'.

The fact means the ideas of this kind are still alive and are worthy to consider.
7 years ago

Again, we have similar suggestions or ideas that no one listens too. This is going to be an issue unless someone cleans the chaff.
7 years ago


Open apps more easely from the mintMenu
Hitting the Enter key in main menu should open the highlighted search item

These two idea's Status are still 'New'.

You should show clearly which ideas have already been rejected.
7 years ago

These ideas have already been rejected  
7 years ago

Thanks Redsandro, for bringing this idea up. I agree with you and I promote this idea.
Yes, I also use Gnome-do, but that's NOT the Mint-Menu.
What we are talking about is how we can improve Mint-Menu- not replacing it with Gnome-Do, Synapse or whatever else.
7 years ago

I also use Synapse. Changed the menu from "gnome-search-tool --named "%s" --start" to "synapse"  
7 years ago

Thanks for the clarification, kazztan0325.

I just wanted to be thorough in my idea description and make sure the idea wouldn't be trivialized by the existence of similarity in ideas or possible workarounds such as using a different app.

If at some point a developer will look into this, it is in my opinion also worth looking into triggering the mintMenu with the shortcut key onKeyUp instead of onKeyDown, so we can assign Super (alone) without it breaking other shortkut keys for which Super is a modifier.
7 years ago

I am the author who suggested to use Gnome-Do.
(The fact is I like to use Synapse.)

However don't get me wrong, please.
I didn't say that mintMenu should be replaced with Gnome-Do or something else.
I just would like to say that there is a way for supplementing the lack of function of mintMenu.

But you are right.
We should talk about improving the mintMenu.

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