Donation drive

  11 years ago

Once or twice a year have a month long donation drive where users are encouraged, pleaded with and even begged to donate even $1 to the Linux Mint cause. I have seen this used on other sites / projects with great success, with revenues of over $20,000 raised in a single month.

The most successful drives are for a specific and well communicated purpose such as:

Feed our starving developers
Upgraded servers

and so on

I don't know what the user base is for Linux Mint, but it is surely large enough to target $20,000 in a donation drive.
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jetmint 6 years ago

Promoting this one, because it can with ease have a re-spin!

oscar799 10 years ago

Leave out the begging (somewhat undignified) but the idea is worth a "Considered"

Tonya 11 years ago


Labby 11 years ago

Nice idea! Promoted.

kazztan0325 11 years ago

This is a nice idea to urge Mint development!