Downlaodable Mint4Win exe

  9 years ago

The Mint4Win exe file should be put on the website as a download option like the WUBI site or Debian installer site where someone on Windows can simply download the exe file & then it downloads the ISO & the person can install Mint without ever burning a CD.
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superuser0ne 3 years ago

brilliant. windows' worst nightmare lol

bawa_d 3 years ago

agree thumbs up

saintdanbert 6 years ago

While I agree in principal, and I know that this approach is found for many win-dose applications, the elapsed time to install a full distribution might put off some end-users -- especially those who are new to anything beyond what was in the box they brought home.

I would like to see the install happen in more than one pass. First, parts that are absolutely required to get a system that will boot and run on the target hardware. Any desktop or graphical environment might be minimal and generic. The network should be fully operational for both wire and wireless connections.

On re-boot, the first environment might feel the hardware and select components that contribute to a more optimal workstation environment.

On the next re-boot, ask the end-user to indicate application areas of interest and install those packages. An end-user does not need or understand more than one application to meet a specific need. Any mint4win install might be better if it delivered one and then told the end-user about other optional package.

I base this approach on my interactions with box-delivered win-dose users.
Any savvy enough for a full install can install from ISO or DVD or Flash-drive.

travelinrob 7 years ago

Anyone get this to work with Mint 13?

viking777 8 years ago

I am not a mint4win user myself, but I think given the amount of positive votes this idea has got (plus the fact it is easily implemented) it is time it got moved from new to considered. (it isn't me that does the consideration btw it is the mint dev team, and no timeline for consideration is implied by this move).

haryanto 8 years ago


mrlithium 8 years ago

I have created a Mint4Win.exe for Linux Mint 12 (not 11) for those who downloaded the DVD version then realized it wasnt included (there is no technical limitation preventing the DVD from including it, so I recompiled it from source with the 900MB arbitrary limitation removed) - I have it hosted at:

Please note that the "Automatic Download" function of the program does not work, as it references You must manually download the ISO from one of the mirrors :

I have tested that it works on Linux Mint 12 RC DVD & CD Edition (only version 12, not 11, and yes, the DVD version works that is why I made it.) I assume it will remain functional for the final version of version 12 DVD/CD.
1) Put linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit-rc.iso in the Root Directory (mandatory) of any drive (ie C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\ G:\ -> Z:\ )
2) Double Click the mint4win-12.exe executable.
More technical - Option 2: (also unncessary = just use Option 1 )
1) Mount linuxmint-12-gnome-dvd-64bit-rc.iso with any ISO mount program (i've been using TotalMounter but anything like Daemon Tools or Alcohol can work)
2) The ISO file you mount must NOT be located in the root C:\ D:\ etc (or it will get confused on which to use) =
3) Double Click the mint4win-12.exe executable.
Option 3:
1) Use a PHYSICAL DISC you already burned - (no point to burn one if you haven't already since the mint4win installer will copy the entire installation disk to your HDD first anyway) The installer will detect the .iso file if you burned the disc incorrectly (as in dragging and dropping the ISO as a file, instead of burning the ISO)
2) Double Click the mint4win-12.exe executable.

This mint4win-12.exe can be freely redistributed and was compiled from the mint4win sourceforge code as of 11/23/2011.

open_geek 8 years ago

very great idea

psyckers 8 years ago

The Mint4Win.exe file could also act like a live CD for the people to try Linux Mint before installing it. Great idea Holyguyver.

blueXrider 8 years ago

How about a "try-before-you-buy" web site. Users can interact with all the features and see what it can do before downloading. At this point they can download a Java-script which will choose Distro and partitioning options then download and install it.

Ok guess we could vote for Mint4Win

rick1959 8 years ago

Feel this is an idea of great promise in encouraging new users to get involved. Too often I hear that folks shun trying Linux because it seems too difficult or may not work properly. Linux, Linux Mint especially(!), seems to work remarkably well with all the hardware I've run across. Now, making it easier to try is simply brilliant!!

blueXrider 8 years ago

Brilliant Idea, PERFECT Lets run with it

igi2000 9 years ago

good idea , for new users of linux

hooman 9 years ago

good idea

finickydesert 9 years ago

i think we could take it a step further, we could offer this. if the user wants to install it or partition it, then we should offer the ability to keep all settings and data and transfer it to the new installation.

burjans 9 years ago

That is a good idea, I would like to have for LMDE

oldlinuxjoe 9 years ago

Whilst I think it is a good idea, I think that educating people about the different ways of actually installing Linux Mint on a separate partition to Windows is really the way to go.

The problem with Wubi and other like minded installers are that when people actually decide that they want to install Linux mint, they have to lose all or most of their settings and then they have to start all over again.

Installing Linux Mint on a hard drive is the way to go because if they then decide that they don't want to use it, it's simply a matter of deleting the partition and then reverting it back to a Windows formatted hard drive. If they decide they want to keep on using Linux Mint then it's already installed properly.

holyguyver 9 years ago

When I originally suggest this idea it was two, approaching 3, releases ago. At that time Mint4Win had temporarily stopped working in LinuxMint, & my original wording reflected that. Now to prevent confusion about what I meant I have updated the wording as my idea request is still valid.

punkrtekk 9 years ago

Even if net-install is not really a common option, why not to have it:-) Actually it would be a good news for netbook users...

itbcn8 9 years ago

Any ETA for Mint4Win?