12 years ago

In my learnings about Mint and Linux in general I have soon discovered the advantages of separate home folder AND installing from scratch for each new biannual edition (migrated from Ubuntu to Gloria (more than one install) then to Helena now).

Each time is the same, as already said on this community:

1. Install from LiveCd (after download and burn);
2. Set fstab for home folder and such;
3. Personalize.

This third step usually involves personal configs (which are kept intact in the home folder)...

AND reinstalling a lot of apps.

I know APTonCD and other similar tools are great, but one should be able to sort of "bookmark" most useful apps oneself has installed, during the everyday use, with trial-and-error app testing for each task. This would make possible to:

1. Reinstall automatically a cleaner "personal suite" of softwares and packages";
2. Avoid installing apps that are not used (downloaded - tested - forgotten);
3. Avoid the need to remember thoroughly the name of "that app I used to have to make that thing, which one was it...?"

This could be done from some kind of cache (quicker) or from the repos (better). The idea is to take as few mouseclicks as possible after a reinstall from scratch to have an almost "identical", working and productive system after a reinstall.
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yejay 8 years ago

I was thinking about this...
the status of this idea is implemented,does it mean it is possible to use this option

Jessey-Lawson 9 years ago

sounds good.

clem 12 years ago

The new mintbackup is ready and it solves part of this problem.

heltonbiker 12 years ago

@JiPi: the server syncing of software installation during OS install sounds perfect! Hail to Cloud Computing!! ;oP

clem 12 years ago

It's funny you mention that idea, because that's exactly what ikey is working on at the moment! With a bit of luck this will make it in time for Mint 9.

Fr3d 12 years ago

With any upgrade there are going to be things that dont work.. But in general a book mark tool sounds good. You go through the aps perhaps the Software manager or with another tool !! (so the things from package manager are kept) and somehow tag all the things you want to keep.. an app list is saved in a desired location like /Home or usb memory stick.
then you feed this list into something that runs >apt >get >install
Probably wont get any development time but I like it.

JiPi 12 years ago

I love the idea. It could be something kept on Linux Mint servers and we could "sync" with mintInstall maybe ? This isn't a small project, but would be great ! It could even be a good idea if you want to keep a PC park up to date with softwares...a little bit like GPO in Windows even...this is a much bigger project maybe, but could help in medium-large business ???

Craig 13 years ago

Really good idea.

squishy 13 years ago

an improved apt-on-cd would be a good thing

FrostyC 13 years ago

Love the idea, but perhaps a more advanced apt-on-cd that could copy everything including xorg customizations, hardware configuration and such, compress it & make it an iso or something. Also add an option to disable copying of hardware config if you need to install a duplicate system on a different machine...

Mdyter 13 years ago

really good idea

Rovanion 13 years ago

While this is an awesome idea, the ideas posted here should be about the site as stated by clem.