Section for the users to vote/suggest the apps they like or use most

  12 years ago

This is kind of an extension from the voting system on Software Center, but perhaps a little different or more elaborate.

Each time one has to consider a software for doing something (let's say, batch renaming), one has to either:

1. look for in the forums;
2. search synaptic or mintinstall;
3. google for a .deb or .bin (for something not on the repos);
4. ask a friend;
5. other;

Each of us have probably already made each of the choices above many times. So I think it would be useful for us to list softwares we REALLY liked, be them in the repos or not, and sort them by category the same way it is made on most freeware/shareware download sites, but the "community" way (self-evolving).

If this idea is too similar to any plans for Software Central, please merge/delete it ;o)
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clem 12 years ago

I think this is implemented by the Software Manager and the Software module on this website.

pazuzuthewise 12 years ago

This belongs to Software Center.

squishy 13 years ago

Actually I like this idea, it has some merit

Rovanion 13 years ago

One could have it so that the user can specify their favourite Open Source project in their profile.

Alexio 13 years ago

+1 There is also a website called ¨Linux App Finder¨- - that can be used to find quality apps that run on Linux.