Multitouch gestures

  8 years ago

At first I would think gestures were a wast of time, but after using a mac with multi-touch gestures on the touchpad, my opinion changed. Its very efficient. I think Mint should think about it. I have been looking for multi-touch gestures for Linux but have only found functioning single gestures which for me doesn't make so much since. But the multi-touch is very helpful, the ones on the androids like pinch and rotate are great. But the ones the Macs have are even better, like two finger scroll, 4 finger up to get the desktop or 4 finger down to get expose (list of apps running), 4 fingers to the left and right to change apps. Theres many more.

This would differentiate Mint from other distros. I know mint was made more for desktops, but even there, theres a usb multi-touch pad (, which for me makes more since everyday over a mouse. Touchpads are on all laptops now a days. This is just my humble opinion. What do you guys think?

I think to have a validate opinion, you have to experience it. Before I also thought it was a wast of time, but really using multi-touch gesture change my opinion, it does work well.
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Datei 5 years ago

would be great !

bombay1982 5 years ago

Previous macbook pro user here. Multigestures is the best feature of OS X. I miss so much that from OS X.By implementing that as a standard feature you would help to switch to a lot of users from mint competitors. If you not sure just have a fun with apple laptops and you will see what Im talking about.

alberthdez1 6 years ago

i'm agree you, i promote it
estoy de acuerdo, lo promuevo

filip 7 years ago

I totally agree with Danceman. I have also used Macbook before and in my opinion one of the greatest advantages of OSX are mulititouch gestures. Would be great if Mint had such advanced muliti-touch gestures.

Alexio 8 years ago

You may try to use some Ubuntu compatible snippets for the multi touch synaptics touchpad.

Danceman 8 years ago

I wasn't talking about touch screens, more of touchpad like devices:

But gestures can than maybe be applied to touch screens.

Touchpads are on all laptops now a days, but I understand Mint thinks more of desktops, so theres usb touchpad devices for that too. but any way, Mint has to start someday to think about more of laptops, even HP is selling out there Pc division, desktops are dying out.

tayss 8 years ago

"USB touchpad"^^ Why not use keyboard shortcuts?

remoulder 8 years ago

Mint does not write the kernel or hardware drivers which this suggestion would need to work. Also mint is a desktop OS, it is not intended for touch screen devices.

jordan4girl3 8 years ago

@remoulder there are touch screen monitors..this would actually be very good idea if mint wrote kernel lol

blueXrider 8 years ago

I'm not understanding your response @remoulder ? Do they or do they not write the kernel and hardware drivers?

I think you meant to say "Mint does NOT write the kernel or hardware drivers".

That would be my response.