Please sort out community

  11 years ago

It's down with database errors as much as it's up these days. The forums have been down with the same errors too.

It gives a really bad impression of Linux Mint whenI say to people "and then there are the excellent forums and community sites...." and they're borked.
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trollboy 10 years ago

It's been done :)

New -> Implemented

trollboy 11 years ago

Thanks devs.

RavS 11 years ago

Oh, I should have created this idea ;)

kazztan0325 11 years ago

I agree!

Is it possible or not that anyone who can maintain website in this community newly join Mint Team as site maintainer?

dagon 11 years ago

Promoted. I don't think it's pointless at all to post this here since it's about the community. It would feel silly to go to another place just to discuss this one.

Gurman 11 years ago

I agree with trollboy. Community site really overloaded.
Need to change something. Optimize the code, database, spread partitions on separate servers, etc. What about cluster?

trollboy 11 years ago


Yeah, I'm aware. Im my day job, I'm snr developer on a large(ish) site and we have gone through something similar. Sometimes it's network, sometimes it's code but usually it's bad database config / optimisation. Or at least, that is what will have the biggest effect.

When I got to finally got access to go through our mysql config files I nearly cried, but our average page load time is now about 1 - 3 seconds and that's what's called by the statman "Image complete".

And yes, it is an idea - it's a good idea to get some resource allocated to sorting this out as it will be damaging the perception of Mint as a viable OS and that would be a shame considering just how damn good it is.

I do know from personal experience just how tough it is to track these things down and I also know from personal experience the temptation to blame it on the network :D

Among doing other projects, it took me six weeks to sort our issues out. I'll say it again in case someone reads these, Database Config, Query Caching (correctly) and Indexing cured exactly the same symptoms on a very busy site (20 -30 updates a minute) with tables of over 12 million rows.

blueXrider 11 years ago

It may be pointless to post here but I can relate to the frustration. This is not a new idea by far but more of a cry for help.

remoulder 11 years ago

Not only is this not an idea, it is pointless posting this here imo. I'm sure the mint team are aware of the problems and are doing what they can to sort them out within the constraints of the budget and availability. Have you also considered the downtime may be due to network issues affect the websites host?

RayWoods 11 years ago

Totally agree. It can be very frustrating waiting whilst the website "spins its wheels" or simply fails to load at all. It must put off a lot of people from using these facilities.