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  10 years ago

I wonder if this might be interesting or applicable.

Trying and reading about other distros, I found "portage", which is a "package manager" to install applications from source code, get the application compiled on that very specific machine.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portage_(software)

I beleive it can help to broaden the choice of software available, and probably make the system a bit more faster as it is compiled specificall on the specific machine.

For example, I was trying to get my Fujitsu Tablet 4310 T buttons to work, but couldn't find a "fjbtndrv" .deb for LMDE, so I had to compile it myself. Not every user can or is ready to do it.

I think if we have such portage, Mint would definetly attract more users by making life easier for many.

I believe fjbtndrv is not the only thing people need, there are -definetly- many other apps or drivers missing.

What you think guys?
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kazztan0325 9 years ago

I think, you should explain why you think this idea is bad, otherwise your cheap comment does not help @limotux .

quake0 9 years ago

Bad idea.

dice 10 years ago

The proper way of incorporating packages like this is by making .debs
The wrong way is introducing another conflicting package manager.

limotux 10 years ago

I think I'll take it to the forum to find help on how to make a script to do what's on the link provided by trollboy.

I hope you can join there.

limotux 10 years ago

Thanks guys for your input.
As I understand from trollboy, it can be done as shown on the link you provided, perhaps there should be a way to click or right click and do all the steps mentioned, wouldn't it be more attractive and easier?

Hmmm.. to reply to all posts, I'm not underestimating number of packages or overestimating missing packages, I'm just seeking perfection esmecially for my beloved Mint.

I'm not sure I fully understand remoulder, can you please provide me a link or some more info about the said universal linux? Does this mean there will be one linux distro? It will install from source? From one repo for all distros?

I'll try find out more about bitbake.

But still remains, I believe, a need to click on source and install in one step as in precompiled .deb, sorry, I tend to think often about newbies, and to make linux more attractiver and easier for the poor lazy windoze guys, to get a bigger userbase and developers consequently.

kazztan0325 10 years ago

There is a package 'BitBake'(build system used for embedded Linux distributions) in our repository, though I myself have not tried it yet.

Its explanation is like below:
"BitBake is a simple tool for the execution of tasks. It is derived from
Portage, which is the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux

remoulder 10 years ago

"Portage is Gentoo's package management system". Mint is debian based and uses the repository system with pre-built packages (.debs), whereas Gentoo doesn't. Debs are widely supported and I think you may underestimate the number of packages available in repositories and overestimate the number needing to be built from source. There are already moves elsewhere to create a simple universal and self-contained linux installation package similar to that used in Windows which users can download then double-click to install.

trollboy 10 years ago

think apt can already do that. Old but hopefully still relevant