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 Linux Mint App Store

Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

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Would it be possible to create a Linux Mint App Store that would allow desktops, notebooks, netbooks, phones, etc. to run a variety of apps using a browser? Apps would be most likely created using html5, flash or some combination; and could be developed and submitted by users. Not as a replacement for repository apps, but rather as an addition to what is available. I hear that mozilla is working on developing something along this line for use with firefox.

I build web sites for my clients, and know that there are more and more apps available built with html5 which I use to build my sites. I think that if these apps were in a convenient place such as the Linux Mint site, it could generate more traffic helping to increase the popularity of Linux Mint. I would be happy to volunteer some time finding and modifying these apps for use by Linux Mint. Anyone else interested can contact me with their suggestions.


5 years ago

This would need a developer to decide whether to take it forward or not - so I am marking it "Considered"  
6 years ago

I have a web site for my clients where they can install apps using apturl which unfortunately isn't working with the new LMDE releases with Firefox 5. Hope it gets fixed soon. I also have a sample selection of games based on Javascript which I plan on replacing with html5 apps as soon as possible. Html5 apps use very few resources, about the same as an ordinary web page. Unless they got extreme amounts of traffic, they wouldn't put any extra strain on a web server. Anyone curious can visit the site at, my web site for my business. I am not trying to promote my business here as I am disabled working only 3-4 hours a day, and have more work now than I know what to do with. When I get a break every now and then, I like to work on my pet projects such as learning and using html5.  
6 years ago

I don't think it should be part of Mint's position within the wider linux community to attempt such a thing alone even if it was considered desirable and the resources available, which I doubt. If Mozilla develop their version then it would be available within Mint in any case, and having a second competing system would not be a good idea.  
6 years ago

Your idea is good... I appreciate it. :)  
6 years ago

I like your idea in so far as these applications do not require heavy server to browser transfers such as video's and large quantities of pictures which could really bog down this websites server. especially if these applications are used regularly. This would then require a new server which costs money in equipment and power costs that could be going towards the distro. Excuse if I'm thinking a bit too far down the line or i underestimate the server running this website but if it is anything like Slackware's website its running on a computer a bit passed its prime.  
6 years ago

Considering your ability to build websites, I think it would be better if you would sell yourself as a maintainer of this community site to Mint Team.

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