JAVA 7??

  8 years ago

I just installed java 7 the old fashioned way and with my new AMD 6 core processor ASUS motherboard, the difference between Java 6 and Java 7 is remarkable. I wouldn't go back to using Java 6 if I had to be shot. It is much faster and seems to support multicore where 6 just ate it's lunch on one core. I would much rather see it become available in a package... and from what I'm reading OpenJDK 7 will be Oracle/Sun 7 Java. I hope everyone gets to experience the difference soon. Ric
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dagon 8 years ago

I don't think this is "off topic", but java is a non trivial package to maintain and in this case we simply have to wait for the next ubuntu release which is 12.04. and the base for next Linuxmint.
As openjdk-7 is now in oneiric-updates I mark this as implemented:

wayward4now 8 years ago

As I noted, since it ain't in the repos, I had to install it myself. Mint Users might benefit from Java 7 if they are running multi-cores. Then I expressed the "hope" that it would become available soon, in the repos. I know Mint isn't in charge of that, but just offered my two cents. Other Mint users heavily into Java might benefit.

Oh, I've been around since my first install of Slackware using floppies, so I'm pretty thick-skinned. But, is my observation considered "off topic"? Ric

blueXrider 8 years ago

Java is not developed by Mint. When it is available in the repositories it will be available to you or you may download through 3rd party sources.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

The packages of Java are mainly included in the repository 'Canonical's Partner', then they would become available sooner or later with no concern of Mint Team's work.

So I would like suggest to you that the object of ideas should be addressed 'Linux Mint itself, especially related Mint Team's work' or 'Mint Community Website' when you post ideas, otherwise someone would add chilly comments: "Mint Team are not developer of Java".