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  8 years ago

I've looked and looked and cannot find where to subscribe to a Mint User email-based list. Posting to a website makes me crazy, it's slow and clunky to those of us used to an email list. Of course, that's just my two cents. Ric
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dagon 8 years ago

Duplicate of post:
,which is still open/new.


wayward4now 8 years ago

I would, but I'm running on a HughesNet satellite which is slower than anything but a dialup, since I live out in the toolies. I used to run an 8 line BBS, years ago, which gave users just straight-up command line login. It was fast, not dealing with delivering html. Back then a 14.4 modem was tops. Ah! The Good Ole Days!(tm) And Y-talk was the rage! Ric

kazztan0325 8 years ago

There has already been the same idea:

Linux Mint Mailing list

Please make sure there is not the same (or similar) idea before posting your idea.

However I like this idea.

But Mailing list system also needs moderators.
It seems the Mint Team have no resources to administer any Mailing list at present.

So what about establishing 'Unofficial Mint Mailing List' by yourself?