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  8 years ago

Creo que sería una buena idea contar con imágenes ISO más actualizadas en la página de descargas. Por ejemplo, la versión que se dispone actualmente 201012 luego de instalar requiere un largo y tedioso proceso de actualización lo cual es molesto cuando se instala LMDE en nuevos computadores.
Sería ideal contar con una nueva ISO mensualmente o según los paquetes se vayan actualizando.


I think it would be a good idea to have latest ISO images in the download page. For example, the version currently available 201012, after installing requires a long and tedious process of update which is annoying when installed on new computers LMDE. It would be ideal to have a new ISO monthly or as packages are updated
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blueXrider 8 years ago

I can understand the obvious issue at hand. I agree that a different process could be undertaken as to not make the initial install such a pain.

I agree with your philosophy of simple and @kazztran0325 had pointed this out before.

@trollboy it would be funny ROTFLMAF

carlosjimy 8 years ago

@blueXrider Wait a minute, I understand what a 'rolling release' means, and it's one of the most important reason to choose this distro.

I only mean (and other users too), that it would be a good idea to have ISO images with upgrade packets, more often. The problems comes with the first install and upgrades, no after.


carlosjimy 8 years ago

@kazztan0325 Actually I' didn't read your idea. It's a signal about the importance of the idea.

trollboy 8 years ago

@blueXrider I think the point is that if you install the current live distro now, you'll get nearly a DVDs worth of updates. Keeping the ISO files updated, probably every few months is reasonable will reduce the download needed for new installs.

It would be funny watching some poor s.o.b. trying to keep the LMDE iso completely up to date though :D

blueXrider 8 years ago

The LMDE is a rolling distribution and therefore receives daily builds added the repositories. Having a "current ISO" would mean that it would change daily. Once the updates are in place it doesn't take much time to update the system.

The other thing is that once installed you never have to reinstall to upgrade, how cool is that?

I would suggest that you might want to install another version if you don't want to bother with the upgrade process.

You need to understand the differences of the distros before installing, a little preparation before could save yourself a lot of frustration latter.

kazztan0325 8 years ago

This idea is similar to mine which stays still alive.

LMDE Monthly Build ISO Image

But you never mind, @carlosjimy!
I also don't mind this.
@RayWoods said elsewhere, "Great minds think alike!"

trollboy 8 years ago

I think this is also being talked about in the forums. Building and testing an iso is quite a lot of work so maybe every 6 months would be an achievable time table to release a new iso file.

I didn't think the latest 20110807 (LMDE) and 20110808 (XFCE) are only release candidates at the moment so probably are not ready for prime time.