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  10 years ago
  Under dev. review

For what is intended section "Мy hardware"?
As I understand it to:
1. Users receive advance information about possible problems installing Mint on a specific hardware.
2. Developers obtain information about the problems of the Mint with certain hardware for further testing and bug fixes.

This section in its present form is of little use to perform these functions.
The main reasons are:
1. Weak formalization of categories, brands, models. The same device can be described in many ways and distorted beyond recognition. Instead of creating useful messages we have unnecessary noise.
2. Lack of information about combining devices. Often the cause of complaints are just conflict of blocks, each of which works fine in isolation.
3. Poor automation of reporting. And, as a consequence, the small number of reports.

To increase efficiency, I propose:
1. Create a software module in the distribution to assist in a highly automated and formality of presenting information about the equipment. The module prompts the user to view the quality of work of each of these devices, and asked permission to automatically send a report.
2. Make the interface to automatically get reviews of the devices in any configuration.

Something resembling the current system of sending feedback on the software in program manager at the Mint.

I hope that this will facilitate the work as developers, testers and adds convenience community members.
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trollboy 10 years ago

The hardware module is probably the weakest area of this site. Rather than auto uploading, it may be better to open up hardware for commenting and discussion.

It would be nice to for example to see a piece of hardware that doesn't work having a work around posted to that hardware.

Additionally, should I post a pice of hardware and someone else post a piece of hardware that is the same, it would be better if they linked somehow.

Unfortuantely, I don't think these will be simple changes :(

Gurman 10 years ago

A headquarters has the time to manually analyze thousands of descriptions of the normal operation of devices?
And there is time to provide the user with information about potentially problematic its new configuration?
So this requires automation.

kazztan0325 10 years ago

I like this idea, but there is a similar idea which was rejected by Mr.Clem himself.

Info in Hardware Module

blueXrider 10 years ago

Sudo lshw and send information to headquarters.

dagon 10 years ago

+1 More automation. That's what computers are for.