Make separate site for newbies

  10 years ago

Just an idea. Split internal processes of the community and assistance to newcomers.

Make a separate site for more user-friendly adaptation of newcomers.
Move there from the community site all that apply to help beginners.

Fill the site may be guides, tips and solutions developed on the community site and forum.
The site should be as simple and accessible all the information for beginners. And nothing more.
Can also make a separate forum.

It would also be a very good opportunity to make the localization of all materials on the site (by community).

In my opinion, this separation will allow:
1. Facilitate the adaptation of newcomers. Increase the community's friendliness to newcomers.
2. Increase the efficiency of community by increasing the relevance of materials from the site community.
3. Facilitate the work of the community with newcomers.
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dagon 10 years ago

Well. We have a separate forum for beginners, there are tutorials and people around willing to explain stuff. You can't really ask for more.
As a beginner you will always experience a certain amount of confusion. That's something you really can't work around. To me it's more important to share a culture where it's OK to be a beginner and confused. You notice that people who are newcomers in the mint community are always guided to the Newbie Questions forum when appropriate.
Well, it usually works... :)

In my opinion, all your goals, 1-3, are more or less reached.

Alexio 10 years ago

I think that the Linux Mint Community Videos website already implements a part of this idea, as it is a separate site and features more than 400 videos with easy to follow screencasts, reviews and tutorials.

Gurman 10 years ago

Maybe it's better to do a little later. But think about the idea of it is already possible.

It's not so difficult. Transfer to a separate site, it makes sense only fixed content: some manuals, part FAQ, a few reviews, and tables. The site should be a small but very informative. Information will be almost no change. Will be gradually added to the new. Something like Wiki but clearly organized.

Its mission - to answer the most questions that arise from a newbie. This little unload forum and to unload the community.

Little fixed content will be easily translated into many languages and further service it will not require. But will always save time and efforts of the Community.

kazztan0325 10 years ago

I promote this idea, but it would be difficult to implement, because Mint Team is too busy to maintain the sites as @compuman2004 said below.

I myself think, it would be better than now if 'Q&A'(like forum) module were made under COMMUNITY Tab.
However it would be possible to make newcomers confuse: "How different between 'Q&A' module in Community and 'newbie questions' section in forums?"

Umm..., I have a headache coming on...

Gurman 10 years ago

This is an excellent user guide. But this is just the user guide.
I suggest something larger and more functional than the guide and a more structured than a forum.

blueXrider 10 years ago

Yes, I know that it can be confusing. Here is a users guide that is fairly straight forward, it may help simplify some unanswered questions.

It doesn't replace the fact that the forums are confusing but helps with the basic operating system.

Gurman 10 years ago

Thanks for the link. I saw a community forum.
But there everything is dumped into heap, and many info can simply not be found.
Localization is virtually nonexistent.
On behalf of the few newbies that sense from the current forum thread is very small. Especially for people, that poorly understood the English language.

Therefore propose that:
- separate site
- crystal clear structuring
- maximum localization

blueXrider 10 years ago

You obviously haven't been to the forums.

Let me facilitate that for you. Go to>>>>

and for friendly advise and reverent materials see the newbie questions section >>>>

hopefully this works for you.