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 Website: Make things less confusing / Add idea button on homepage

Created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.
Status changed 6 years ago

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It wasn't immediately clear to me how I would be able to add ideas, and this part of the website seems confusing to me. Can this be cleared up one way or the other? I'm willing to help out with this.


7 years ago

The big idea I had was that I could work together with this community to produce a Java version of this website. I'd be able to learn more about working in open-source environments and I'd be able to learn from tackling any issues about slowness/lag. And those that want to help but don't understand Java can learn how to create a fully fledged website/application with it. Everybody would win.

But that aside, since I got a bit over-excited during the wait.

There are several things that I find confusing from a newbies' perspective:
* As the OP says the way to post ideas wasn't immediately clear to me since going to community -> ideas does not provide a button to add an idea.
* You can search for ideas by title and content but not by author?
* Nor for that matter can you list ideas regardless of status / that are currently open.
* There's the forum, the ideas module and the Launchpad system. This is confusing; I should just be able to post my thoughts to one place which ideally would be easy to navigate for everyone.
* The blog lists the full content of numerous posts which makes it a strain to load. It should cap the content off and provide a link to read more.
* Not so much confusion but expectation: I expected the "ideas by status" to be a clickable graph that would automatically search on the given status.
* Also, sometimes loading a page is really slow for a while. (I blame this more on PHP than the database behind it, which is one of my motivators for suggesting Java as an alternative.)

I also made a thread on the forum here in case you haven't seen it yet.
7 years ago


I'm not interested in switching the backend to Java. We're using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework and it's working very well. With that said, I'm interested in knowing more about your ideas, what you found confusing and how it could be improved.
7 years ago

So, is it considered alright if I try to recreate the website in Java, or is such an action frowned upon?

I'd like to use the Java programming language because of its stability in comparison to PHP. However I don't want to end up working on something that no-one is going to see, so I need someone to oversee the project.

Can anyone help me out?
7 years ago

Yeah I guess the site is looking a little bitsy after a number of added features lately. Good to have a more cohesive look for the whole thing.
7 years ago

Good idea!  
7 years ago

As this idea is about the site itself,Clem will need to consider it - therefore I am marking this as Considered  
7 years ago

To clarify: If no-one objects I would like to rewrite this part of the website ( in the Java programming language.

Reasoning is that by experience I know that Java is more stable than PHP, and I think this may be a huge benefit in the end.

Reasoning behind working on this website at all: sometimes it becomes really slow to use, there seems to be a lack of clarity and it doesn't have all the desired functionality I'd expect from a project this big, especially with regard to this ideas module.

I'd like to chat with whoever is in charge of this part of the website so I can clear up the above issues since I don't want to do this if there isn't a good chance it's going to be used.
7 years ago

I agree, since the upgrade it has become a little less user friendly.

Good point!

And another thing! Who needs all those user pie charts anyway. Really impressive eyecandy but not very functional for the new user. More of a bean-counter thing I think.

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