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 Mint/Gnome: Mouse scroll speed

Created 6 years ago, edited 6 years ago.
Status changed 5 years ago

29 votes

Currently it's not possible to change the scroll speed of the mouse. It would be very, very nice to have this functionality.

From what I've read this issue has been open since 2001. It's ridiculous that this has to take such a long time.

Could this feature be added for Linux Mint? I know this may well boil down to a Gnome/GTK issue anyway but so long as they're not doing anything a workaround could be provided by default.

My workaround is to use imwheel, but it's unreliable since it messes up other functionality (such as scrolling through tabs in Google Chrome).



4 years ago

Last weekend, my scroll speed went from being painfully slow (like one line per click on my scroll wheel) but tolerable, to one click on my scroll wheel going from the top to the bottom in any program window... in a file window, Chrome, Firefox, anything. There HAS to be an adjustment, because it was different and somehow adjusted due to something I can't figure out 4-5 days ago.

All I know is it was working normal, I restarted my machine because I had left it on overnight and wanted to freshen things up. When it came back, the scroll whee had gone nutso on me.

I'll happily go back to painfully slow rather than top/bottom only with no in-between.
6 years ago

Until this idea is implemented, you can change your Firefox scroll speed:

1. Open a new tab and enter "about:config" in the address bar.
2. Search for the option called "mousewheel.withnokey.numlines" and change it to whatever you like. You may set its value to 10, which is somewhat faster than the default.
3. You also need to search for "mousewheel.withnokey.sysnumlines" and toggle the value to "false".

Also, you should know that this is implemented for KDE:
K-menu > System settings > Computer administration > Keyboard & mouse > Mouse > Advanced > Mouse wheel scrolls by: ... (you can set the value here).
6 years ago

Unfortunately it seems unlikely that this idea is going to be implemented, since it's so difficult to set up.

To clarify what I'm suggesting is not a fix for GNOME (since that may be out of reach) but a workaround so Linux Mint does not have to suffer from this issue.
6 years ago

I agree this idea.
We need the function to change the scroll speed of mouse wheel would be added to pointing device setting tool.

I have installed 'gpointing-device-settings'(configuration tool for pointing devices) with Synaptic, but it cannot change the scroll speed of mouse wheel.

6 years ago

That's not what I was referring to. In the screen you mention there's no way to change the scroll speed of the scroll wheel of the mouse. On Windows I'm able to change the amount of pages scrolled, but I haven't seen an option for this in any Debian-based distribution so far and IMO I think after 10 years it should finally be implemented one way or the other.  
6 years ago

Go to the MintMenu and type "mouse"

Mouse Orientation> right or left handed
Locate Pointer
Pointer Speed> Acceleration and Sensitivity
Drag and Drop
Double-Click Timeout

Plus the Accessibility Tab

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