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  11 years ago

I have tried to run several games in Mint. Some succesfull, others arent. I would like to see a better implementation of a wine type program. There are alot of gamers that just stick to Windows because the ease of gaming. If Mint could implement something that would make installing and playing games 'easy', i think alot of players would make the swap to Linux Mint.
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Linuxgamer94 8 years ago

How about a Remaster of Mint that would include games. If that is what you mean then I can get started instantly.

RayWoods 9 years ago

I think this is rather outside the remit of the Linux Mint Developers and with Wine and Games Developers to deal with. So New > Rejected.

quake0 9 years ago

I agree.

Alexio 10 years ago

As the main edition of Linux Mint is still based on Ubuntu, you may consider installing and using the new Ultimate Edition Gamers 3.0 as it is a clean fast gaming operating system. Then you can add the Linux Mint specific packages.

Steampunk-Nick 10 years ago

for a better wine type program try play on linux ( or crossover games ( crossover is the best one by far but you need to either buy it or become an "advocate" (basically you get the better wine for free as long as you review the software you use on it)
the forums would have been a better place for this (, but a google search would have got the answer quickest

kazztan0325 10 years ago

If you want to play games on Linux, Why don't you refer some site like below?


Larsm1980 10 years ago

I agree that alot of win users stay, be course of the games

baffle-boy 11 years ago

i only keep windows because of that very reason- gaming. but i hear steam is making a linux version :D

Alexio 11 years ago

It would be great to have more open-source games available in the Linux Mint repository:

Alexio 11 years ago

Some less known games are listed in the Linux Game Data Base -

Alexio 11 years ago

There is a Christmas 2009 gaming DVD for Sabayon Linux: News about Linux Gaming can be found at

Rovanion 11 years ago

Playonlinux may be what you are looking for. Tough it is a known fact that 50% of all Ubuntu users install Wine. That number tough does not include Wubi users since they can't opt in on the anonymous statistics survey.

setinstone31 11 years ago

Maybe another "Gaming Edition"?

Gpig 11 years ago

Often the problems and fixes with Wine have little to do with Mint. So fixing them would require an unreasonable amount of time and labour on the part of the Mint developers.
Its often more productive to deal with the Wine project directly when you have a problem because they have a specific focus and expertise base you really need.
My apologies for the empty post I made above, I started typing before my morning coffee.

Gpig 11 years ago

x1ricardo 11 years ago

In some cases, run windows on an emulator (I use VirtualBox) is the only solution. I use it for Fritz 10 - a chess program - that not run on wine. (On wine Fritz 7 and 8 do run, almost 100 %).

Alexio 11 years ago

See and for games that work on Linux.