Pre-installed timer/stopwatch inside the system clock

  8 years ago

So here it is. Many people need some kind of time-tracking tool, right? And what you have to do with Linux Mint is using Synaptic and installing maybe Hamster Applet, maybe Alarm Clock Applet, maybe somethings else.

But wouldn't it be easier and more comfortable to add just a small countdown timer and stopwatch to the system clock? We have here the calendar, some appointments (when integrated with Evolution), weather forecast, and even our location with a point on the map. So, I think it's obvious that the clock not just a plain clock, isn't it?

Who really needs this location section, anyway? I don't think it's useful at all. So, my offer is - remove if you need to this location section and replace it with the time-tracking section. You just put there a few buttons: start, pause/resume, stop. In the Preferences of the applet you just add another tab for this time-tracking tool.

So, to be clear - I don't offer to embed something complex in there. Not a kind of Hamster with all these activities reports, no. Just a small program which can do only two things: to count time up and count it down. And I insist there should be not only start and stop buttons, but a pause/resume button as well. Because in Hamster, for example, there's no opportunity for resuming your current time-tracking record, it just stops the one and you have to create another one. It's not comfortable when you just want to track all your time you're working on computer, when you don't need to create some kind of different entries and track them down.

Having this little tool, users no longer need to install additional packages, all that they need - to install Linux Mint and get this great Clock with a timer/stopwatch as default tool. Isn't this nice?
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bergamot 8 years ago

Well, I just mentioned to have a small and simple embedded in the clock program, without any complex options. Of course we can use some apps for that, but I thought this idea is simple and some kind of correspondent with the universal system clock applet.

blueXrider 8 years ago

These types of applications or additions are available however they are not developed by Mint.

I don't have a favorite but you can pick from ones in the Software Package repositories.

Good luck